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    Hello all. My brother and I are planning on driving from central IL to southern california in the early part of May. I'm graduating from school and he's helping me drive back home. We were debating on what kind of route we should take. there seems to be two major ways: the southern route through ok, texas, new mexico, arizona and the middle america route through places like colorado, utah, and nevada.

    Our primary objectives are to get there pretty quickly (3 or 4 days), avoid bad weather or difficult terrain, and to be able to make overnight stops in fairly large cities where we could stay in comfortable, clean hotels/motels, eat good food and maybe have a few drinks. We were leaning towards going the middle america way since we could stop in denver and las vegas (denver we've never been to and las vegas is a favorite of ours), however we were concerned about having to drive up thru the rockies (is this a legitimate concern? we will be driving a 2003 caravan in pretty good shape).

    Any recommended routes? places to make stops? interstates to take?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    You are right that the two options you've laid out are the two main routes for this journey. I-40 is a bit shorter, but its not much of a difference in the scheme of things.

    If you are looking for big cities, then I would say you'll probably be better off with the I-70 route, since it would give you KC, Denver, and Vegas. The rockies shouldn't be a problem for you. Interstate grades are pretty mild, and thousands of cars drive over the pass every day. I also love I-70 for the views.

    I will say one thing about large cities, however. It is actually my personal preference to stay in smaller cities on a roadtrip. I find it is easier to find good, reasonably priced, rooms and comfortable places to get a drink in small to medium sized cities, especially ones with a good college population which tends to boost the number of lodging options.

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