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    Hello all, new to this forum but so excited there is such a wealth of info around.
    With that said, I am planning a 7 day trip out to los angeles from new jersey in august. I plan to stay in la, at my gf's house for 7 days then drive back in another 7 with her. In total thats a 21 day trip. How are the east to west coasts trips? Am I being realistic? I try to be quite the planner so I will continue my research on gas and routes...I just want to get a good feel for america while I am out on the road. I plan to sleep mostly in my car(the honda crv has a feature to become a full bed...) camp or if needed get a motel here and there.
    I would appreciate if someone could point me to the best scenic/interesting places along routes from nj to california, for I am a photographer as well.
    Thanks again!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    You've got a good amount of basics for your trip. 7 days to make it across the country one way will give you enough time to do a nice little bit of sightseeing as you make your way across the country.

    There are endless number of scenic options, but I think I would build a loop around I-70 and I-40. I-70 will take you through St. Louis, Kansas City, and across the spectacular Rockies, into Utah.

    I-40 will let you see Northern Arizona and New Mexico, following much of old Route 66, eventually going through Tennesse and then up through Appalachia as you head back north.

    But those are just two of many options. With 7 days, you could certainly go off in a few other directions if you've got some things you'd really like to see.

  3. Default Planing basicly the same trip

    Im planning on going to SF from Jersey in about a years time so it will be interesting to see how your trip goes. I wish you all the luck in the world, and can't waite to hear all about it!

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    thanks !

    yes I have a lot of planning to do but Ill keep in mind that some not planning should be fit in as well :)

    Ill definitely keep people posted as to how it goes.

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