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    plan to visit in the summer but stay about an hour outside philly.Want to avoid traffic! can you suggest an area providing bus or train transportation? driving 81north from Va. to rte 30 area. thanks.

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    Default Philly Commuter Rail

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    Is provided by the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). A couple of handy localisms to know are that the towns along US-30 are referred to as the "Main Line" aned that the main downtown rail station is called the 30th street station. For your purposes, if you can get in as close to Philadelphia as Radnor or Villanova, you will have easy access to downtown Philadelphia by the Route 100 high speed rail line with a connection at the 69th street station. To be farther out of Philadelphia and still have rail service, you'd have to be along the Amtrak route, which runs down through Delaware with service from Wilmington (and limited service from Newark).


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