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    My boyfriend and I are going on a 4-week roadtrip this summer, july-august and since we are from Sweden we need a lot of tips! Are biggest issue is that we want to rent a classic car (late 60s convertible) and we have no idea where to get one. It's gotta be a cheap one, not too fancy or anything, just driveable! Does anyone here know a place where we can rent something like that?

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    Your standard rent-a-car company is going to have nothing like what you're looking for, so you only have two possible ways to go if this is really what you want. The first is to check with an outfit like Rent-a-Wreck that specializes in older cars. But I doubt that even they would have something as old as you're looking for, and if this is to be a one-way rental (dropping the car off in Texas), that would add another level of complexity.

    Your other option, if you can spare a few days in Los Angeles before you start your trip, is to buy an older car through adds in local papers, auto trade magazines available in convenience stores, or on-line. But you'd have to spend at least $5000 or so before you got anything up to the trip you have in mind, titling and registering a car without a local address is problematical at best, you'd have to get insurance, and you'd have to sell it at the end of your trip.

    In the end, I think you'd do better just trying to get a 'modern' convertible from one of the major rental car companies. But at least you are now forewarned as to the difficulties involved in the task you have set yourselves.


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