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  1. Default May never come home....

    It is my hope not to spend another winter on the east coast. When winter comes I plan on hitting the road with no destination (except warm weather) and no time constrants. Anything can happen. Driving a conversion van, camping and the occasional motel. Have taken many trips before, this time I'd like some company. Spending the winter in the south west sounds like a good start but from there who knows.
    SWM 53 years old. Share expenses. Have to be brave,laid-back,and interested in enjoying every sunset.

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    Default Welcome

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I don't know how easy it will be to find someone who will be able to join you on such a free flowing trip, but I wish you luck!

  3. Default Yes, wish me luck

    It is rather funny. I think I might be the only guy on the planet that finds myself in a position to just get up and go. Out of six and a half billion people there has got to be one more. But your right...I'll need some luck to find one.

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    Default Yes and no

    Quote Originally Posted by len View Post
    I'll need some luck to find one.
    When our house and business was burned, Megan and I hit the road for an open-ended six month road trip (which turned into 6.5 years). So, don't rule it out.


  5. Default Very interesting stuff...

    Happy to read your story. Congrat's on your survival.
    One thing I'd like you to expand on...
    It's impossible to run out of money. (We know. We've tried. We've always failed.)
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    Default RoadTrip Philosophy 101

    In my experience, (and I hope no one ever attempts to follow my footsteps...) if one is doing what they are supposed to be doing -- living a righteous life (certainly not a religious one) the universe will open doors to opportunities that would never be visible to the roadtripper living in the moment. By late, 1995, we had effectively exhausted all of our savings and credit lines and every sane and responsible advisor hammered on us to "grow up" find a new place to live and get a job. Megan and I chose to ignore conventional reason and seek a new path and new way to live. By February, 1996 we had launched and made the decision to post new articles to this fledging E-Zine every day -- from the road -- wirelessly. What is almost possible today, in 2007, was certifiably crazy to attempt in 1996. The costs of running that e-zine website for the first 12 months were beyond the boundaries of any form of common sense. Again, we pressed on. Sometimes we hit the road with only cash to fill the fuel tanks on the Phoenix One one more time. Everytime we hit one looked like an impossible wall (no cash, no projects, etc.) something unexpected would come our way and we would earn sufficient cash to push on one more week.. and so on.

    RTA is still an expensive operation to run and grow. Our financial advisors, still wonder about our choices. We continue to make our own way and those opportunities keep coming our way.

    That help?


  7. Default Very good.... I'll pick you guys up in Oct. Thanks!

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