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    Well, my family (4-5 of us) have decided to go on a roadtrip from Los Angeles, California to an undecided location. We do know we want to end up on the east coast, probably New York, New York, somewhere in Florida, around there. Well, I don't think any of us have ever been on a roadtrip longer than 6 hours, you could say we are very people. But we've decided to do this and we're all pretty much up for anything and everything.

    I really have to say I have no idea what I'm doing, but all we know is we're renting a car and when we reach the east coast, flying back. We have no time or money restraints whatsoever, but the problem is none of us no what we're doing.

    The only things anyone has brought up they want to see are Native American reserves and Graceland.

    Does anyone have any advice of some really unique things we should see, what routes to take, any advice whatsoever will help!


    PS. We'd prefer a more southern/middle route headed to the northeast as opposed to one going up north straight away.
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    If you are planning on coming through Arizona, I would obviously recomend going to the Grand Canyon and exiting the park on east side on highway 64 and then heading south on highway 89 which takes you through the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation. This takes you to the Wupakti National monument which has ruins you are able walk through on your own, which is not the case at most places. Take care to treat the ruins respectfully as the last time I was there, parents were literally letting their children destroy the ruins which was a sad sight. On this route you can also go to Sunset Crater national park and then down to Flagstaff and Sedona, which is beautiful and should not be missed. You could then head back to Interstate 40 east and on the way to New Mexico stop to be "standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona" if you are a music buff and then continue east to the Petrified Forest. There are a million other things to see along this route, most notably beautiful terrain.

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    Default A starting point

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I think your best bet to get your planning started on the right track is to set some goals.

    Lay out a list of a few places you want to see, and where you think you might want to end up. You should also be thinking about how long you want this trip to last. While you may have unlimited time and resources, this will help you focus your planning - plus you'll have to list out a time frame with the car rental company anyway.

    There are lots of resources here to help get you started. There are dozens of articles in the Roadtrip Planning section that you should read, plus browse around the forum. Between those 2 resources, you should have more than enough start planning an amazing adventure.

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    Default Good advice so far!

    Here's another tip. Since you don't really know what you want to see, I would suggest getting a big map of the US and pouring over it looking for national parks, national monuments, and other landmarks that might be on it. Mark anything that strikes your fancy. That should start giving you an idea of what routes you might want to focus on.

    Road Trip USA is a good book with lots of ideas and it even profiles eleven specific routes you can take. Roadtripping USA is another good one that profile eight different routes. Of course, you don't have to travel the specific routes they've laid out if you don't want to. But these books should give you lots of ideas.

    If you're a AAA member, you might want to visit a travel center in one of their offices. They have a wealth of guides, maps, and other travel information that is free to members. I always think this is worth the price of membership alone. The staff is usually very helpful and I'm sure they can answer all your questions.

    Of course, we want to answer your questions, too. So, during your planning process, please come back here with any more questions.

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