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    Looking to plan the 6 month to one year trip around the nation. Hoping to start the trip one year from now, April 2008. Understanding this trip will be expensive and take quite a bit of planning, I am getting started now. I plan to go on an agressive saving plan for the next 6 to 12 months in order to accumulate more than enough funds to make this trip a go.

    I will be travelling with a friend of mine and right now we are looking at a number of options. Living in New York City, I do not own a car and while my friend does own a vehicle, we are looking at the possibility of renting a vehicle for the trip. Another thought was to buy alternate between rented cars, Greyhound buses and Amtrak to see the nation.

    Adain, we are at the very onset of the planning process and would like any suggestions for steps to take along the planning spectrum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CKRooks
    I do not own a car and while my friend does own a vehicle, we are looking at the possibility of renting a vehicle for the trip.
    I can't even fathom how expensive this would be. If your friends vehicle is mechanically sound, I would recommend taking that. Yes, there will be additional wear on the vehicle, but on a cost basis, I'd say you'd still end out ahead. Of course, if the car cannot handle all of your gear, then you have a different problem. If it were up to me, I'd prefer something like this for that length of time.

    Since you're going to be together for quite awhile, plenty of time to really get to know each other (for all the good and ill), we suggest taking our compatibility quiz.

    A six-month difference in trip size is huge. Twenty-six weeks, with all the planning and budget requirements that go into it. Here are some suggestions for keeping costs down. Some things that you may not have considered are things like doing laundry, clothing purchases, getting exercise regularly, etc. Those last two are closely bound.

    Have you taken any road trips before, or will this be your first? If you have, then you should be familiar with your comfort level with driving in unfamiliar places, how long you feel comfortable behind the wheel, etc.

  3. Default Rental for a year will be expensive

    In my opinion, you should budget for buying a good quality used vehicle. On a cost basis, that would be well less than renting a vehicle. On a convenience basis, having your own vehicle will give you a lot more flexibility on where you can go, and schedule and time. While Amtrak and buses and similar transportation give you access to many things, they don't go everywhere -- whereas having a vehicle can come close to this. Moreover, you can personalize your vehicle a bit, to make it a much better roadtrip vehicle than any other option.

    For example (and this depends upon what you pick for a vehicle), you can set up your vehicle as a mini-office or camper, so you can do work just about anywhere, or you can use it to avoid the costs of a hotel.

    But if you're going to get a vehicle, my suggestion would be a) look at all the options, and pick several preferred ones. b) do some shopping around to see what's available and if there are any bargains c) get it a bit early before leaving (eg, don't leave the next day) and spend a bit of time setting it up the way you want, and then d) take a short road trip (say a week) in it, just to shake everything down so you know that you haven't forgotten something and you feel comfortable in it.

  4. Default I am also starting a trip of that duration this summer

    My brother and I will be leaving this August for a trip that we are planning to last 6 months to a year. We will have about $20 to $25,000 and already have our van purchased. I have a post started in the "gear up" section and have received a few replies regarding some routes and destinations, but nothing to specific yet as to overall planning. We are planning our trip to be fairly unplanned as to specific routes as we would like to leave things open for exploration, but we do have a general flow for where we will be at given times of the year.

    It might be good to bounce a few ideas off each other as it sounds like we might have a similar trip in store and this summer we will get a website together to chronicle the trip. We plan on 80% camping with hotels here and there to help recharge the batteries. We are hoping to get a good portion of our camping in national forrests where at least in AZ you can find a lot of forrest roads to pull over and camp for free. Planning on cooking most of our food camping, we are looking at about $30 a day for food which over the course of a year is about $10,000 and we are looking at about $5,000 for fuel costs. How does this align with what you are thinking?
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