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  1. Default Boston, MA to San Francisco in 8 days

    Me and my brother want to do a roadtrip from Boston to San Francisco. I have never done a roadtrip before and would like to know if it is reasonable to drive 570miles per day?
    We are planning on driving south to New Orleans and than through Texas, New Mexico, Nevada to San Francisco.
    Do you have any advice on this?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    As a general rule, based on the experiences of many roadtrippers over the years, a good estimate is to stick around the 500-550 mile mark per day on a trip. Many of us have done more than that, but after a few days of 700-miles, the trip can become less than pleasant. So, 570 miles is not unreasonable, especially if the both of you are switching off driving duties.

    The thing about heading to New Orleans first, instead of a more direct route, is that it will add approximately 700 miles to your route. The direct route is about 3100 miles, the route you propose is roughly 3800 miles - 7 days of driving at ~550 miles a day, and that is one-way.

    Do you only have 8 days for a round-trip? If so, that doesn't give you a lot of time to get to explore any of the places along the way.

  3. Default Thank you

    Thanks for replying. We are actually leaving the car in San Francisco at my sisters place who is going to use it there.
    This is a oneway roadtrip.

    What are the things you suggest to bring along during such a trip. We want to camp a couple of nights and the rest we will sleep in Motels.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Planning

    Have you had a look at our planning page? In there you will find a wealth of information about how to prepare for your trip.

    Finding camping isn't especially difficult most anywhere. I'd say it's probably harder for the RV crowd to find a place to setup for the night in some locations, but even then, reservations aren't usually necessary unless it is a holiday weekend you are traveling on, or if there is some big event local to where you will be stopping. That is something you will want to keep in mind as you travel across the country. Perhaps search for festivals in areas you plan on staying. In my area, we have a couple of motels that get almost all of their income from three weeks of the year (flea market).

    Now, it sounds as though you are driving the car out to your sister's place, and then you will be heading back, probably via airplane? If so, you probably don't want to have a huge amount of "stuff" to tote back with you.

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    Default Just a few things to pack

    If you're leaving the car behind, you probably don't want to pack a bunch of stuff home on the plane. Here's a short list of things I suggest you take to camp, etc. Most of these things are stuff you probably have around the house. If they're old, inexpensive items, it's a no-brainer to just leave them with your sister when you fly home. She might appreciate having them. Or just ship some or all of the things home. I wouldn't hassle with packing them on the plane. Even if you have to buy some of these items, you can get them cheap at most any big box store. For car camping, you don't need expensive stuff. A $12 sleeping bag, $5 pillow, and $30 tent should do just fine.
    *Tent, sleeping bag, pillow
    *Basic tools for emergency repairs, duct tape
    *Flashlight with extra batteries
    *Inexpensive cooler (I prefer a soft-sided one) to fill with food at the grocery store for healthier and cheaper eating. And for lots of water.
    *knife, small package of plastic utensils/paper plates & bowls
    *Maps/guide books
    *Small first-aid kit

    A few extras that it would be nice to have but you might be able to do without:
    *extra blanket for cold nights over your sleeping bag
    *sleeping pads - they not only add a cushion, they also keep you warmer

  6. Default Here's a car camping list

    Quote Originally Posted by adyhornstein View Post
    [ ... ] What are the things you suggest to bring along during such a trip. We want to camp a couple of nights and the rest we will sleep in Motels.
    Here's a copy of a car camping checklist we use in a Scout Troop I support. Note its for a group camping situation with stoves and lanterns and etc -- but you might use it as a tickler to think of what you might want to bring. We also do a fair amount of day hiking, so there's a section of this about setting up a day hike for a 5 mile hike or thereabouts in the areas we camp in.

    Car Camping Pack List

    Clothing (in duffle or pack)
    - Scout uniform (Shirt, Belt, Neckerchief, etc. -- Class A) (Should be worn while traveling)
    - Long Pants (durable)
    - Scout Shorts (if appropriate)
    - T-shirt (s) (Troop T-shirts are recommended, but not required)
    - Underwear
    - Sun Hat
    - Cool weather clothes (evenings or as needed)
    - Sweatshirt, Jacket (windbreak, warm), sweater, watch cap, etc.
    - Rain Gear (Poncho, coat, etc.)
    - Socks
    - Light weight pair for camp use and heavy weight pair recommended if hiking
    - Shoes (tennis shoes/ running shoes/ walking shoes, etc.)
    - Lightweight hiking Boots if hiking or rough terrain
    - Swim Trunks (if appropriate)

    - Toothbrush/ Toothpaste (small tube -- you may want toothbrush cover on toothbrush)
    - Comb/ Brush
    - Scout Book (with name on it!)
    - Insect Repellant
    - Fork/ Spoon (cooking and eating equipment)
    - Mess kit (bowl/ plate)
    - Cup (capable of being handled with hot liquids)
    - Sleeping bag (with either cover or trash bag plastic bag to cover it)
    - Sleeping Pad/ Thermarest-type Pad (air mattresses work but conduct heat away from sleeping bag)
    - Watch
    - Medicines/ Prescriptions (as required)
    - Towel (medium to small)
    - Wash cloth
    - Soap (bio degradable -- one small tube)

    10 Essentials (in day pack or fanny pack)
    - Canteen with water (recommend 750 ml or 1 liter or larger)
    - Map of area (provided by Troop)
    - Compass (Silva-type -- under $20)
    - Scout Knife/ pocketknife (No sheaf knifes)
    - Matches or firestarter in waterproof container
    - Flashlight with extra batteries
    - Personal first aid kit
    - Trail food/ snack food (Power bar, Gorp, trail mix, jerky, etc. -- not too much)
    - Sun protection (Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen)
    - Rain gear (see above)

    Necessary Extras (in day pack or fanny pack)
    - Toilet paper
    - Notepad with pencil (small notepad)
    - Length of rope (30-50 ft nylon shock cord)
    - Space blanket (emergency equipment -- optional)
    - Whistle on lanyard (signaling device, include in 10 essentials)
    - Sunglasses
    - Square of aluminum foil (1 sq yard, folded)
    - Mirror or some type of reflective device (signaling device -- an old CD works well)
    - Chap stick

    Group Equipment (Shared)
    - Ice Chest
    - Food (and menu!)
    - Food (and menu!)
    - Stove
    - Lantern
    - Propane for stove & lantern (provided by troop)
    - Matches(!)
    - Tent/ Tent poles/ Tent Rain Cover
    - Tent Stakes
    - Hammer for tent stakes
    - Ground Cloth/ Trap for under tent
    - Patrol Cooking equipment
    - Patrol Cooking utensils
    - Troop First Aid Kit
    - Patrol Trash bags

    - Pillow
    - Camp Chair
    - Extra Water
    - Binoculars
    - Field Book/ Guide books,
    - Musical instrument
    - Reading book
    - Cards, chess set (small travelers set), etc.

  7. Default Ready to go

    I just wanted to thank you all nfor replying I have a great list now of things to consider before leaving.
    If I have any other questions I know where to post them.

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    Default Road Trip Gear

    Quote Originally Posted by adyhornstein View Post
    What are the things you suggest to bring along during such a trip. We want to camp a couple of nights and the rest we will sleep in Motels.
    Here is a good thread with suggestions on the types of things and gear to have with you on a road trip.


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