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    This summer, my best friends and I are wanting to go on a roadtrip. We are in SC, and we really want to just go and drive ad see little (or big) places. It has to be cheap. Can you please give me some places to go? Thanks!

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    Default How many friends, how many days, how much $$

    Quote Originally Posted by bhughes718 View Post
    This summer, my best friends and I are wanting to go on a roadtrip. We are in SC, and we really want to just go and drive ad see little (or big) places. It has to be cheap.
    There are lots of tips here about how to cut the costs of a roadtrip -- we already know that you are a camper -- but here are some more ideas that might be helpful. Also, even though you are best friends -- you may still want to take this quiz and make sure you are all expecting the same kind of roadtrip. Here is an excellent primer for calculating some of your costs.

    You need to give us a couple more parameters -- mostly your budget -- there are hundreds places we could recommend for a 5-6 trip from SC, but we need to know what kinds of places intrigue you.


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    Well we are taking a trip to Wilmington,NC to see people, but we will have no where to stay while we are there. We also want to know places that we can stop at on the way there and back.

    The second trip we want to take we will probably have about $350 a person, so.... about $1400, give or take some. We aren't neccesarily looking to go REALLY far away, but we do want to get out of the SC NC GA TN area.

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    Default some options...

    what about going somewhere within a day's drive and staying at a campground for a while? Lodging would be cheap and you'll save on gas, plus, it will have a lot of activities depending on where you go; hiking, swimming etc. You can set up a campfire and do your own cooking... save money there.

    For starters, you can go to Key West and stay at these campgrounds

    Or somewhere else in Florida

    Or Shenandoah Park in Virginia

    Are you camping, RVing, hostelling? how much people?
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    There are four of us going...but most of us are not too much into camping. We can handle it if we have to, but we would rather not. haha. What a abouta trip up to NY. About how much would that be?

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    Default New York, New York!

    how did I know you were going to ask about NY? ;)
    I think it might be doable, but I'm not an expert at figuring out costs. Try the fuel cost calculator to figure out the gas budget.

    I think your biggest problem would be lodging since camping is out - not that there's much camping anyway (except in Jamaica Bay as someone in another post pointed out)
    But, if you're not against hostels, it would be a good place to lodge. There's a couple in Manhattan. This one seems pretty good. There are four bed bedrooms and prices start at $30. There are others but some have male/female only dorm rooms.

    If you are serious about coming up, let me know. I'll gives you the info for where to get cheap eats and free activities and sightseeing. You could probably spend less than $20 a day on food each if you're thrifty :)
    Also there's always a unch of parades every week practically, and one of the best free outdoor activities- Siren Music Festival -usually in July

    When do you plan to do this trip?
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