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    Alright, so you may have gathered from my title, I am planning a cross country, round trip road trip from Maryland to California.

    I figured on the way to California, San Francisco more specifically, I would drive up through Pennsylvania to see Three Mile Island and Evans City (where Night of the Living Dead was filmed), then through OH briefly until I get to Chicago, IL... From there I was thinking I would go to Iowa to the site where Buddy Holly's plane went down, on through Nebraska, up to Wyoming to see Devils Tower, and to Montana where I want to go to Glacier National Park. Then down through Idaho and to San Francisco. Hang out in California to see Redwoods, Kelso Dunes, and the Pee Wee Herman Dinosaurs. Nevada to see Death Valley, Utah for Zion National Park and Butch Cassidy related things, New Mexico for this badass lightning field art thing, Texas to see the Cadillac Ranch, Tennessee to see Elvis, Kentucky to drink whiskey, and then home...

    I guess what I'm wondering is this going to be too ambitious (and expensive)?? I'm expecting to take a 2-2.5 weeks to do this, allotting for time to hang with my friend in California, and a couple thousand dollars with gas prices and food and camping. Is there anything along (or close to) this route that I should definitely see or not see?? I do want to see some specific things but am all about the spontaneity that is the road.

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    Default Time estimates

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you might be overestimating just how much you can squeeze into a 2-2.5 week trip.

    You've listed 14 things you want to see, and many of them are more than a days drive away from each other. Without plotting out the exact miles, I suspect it would take you close to 2.5 weeks just to drive this loop, and that's before you stop to spend any time at the places you have listed or before you spend a few days with your friends in CA.

    You've got a wonderful plan, but I think you'll need some more time or you'll need to scale back a bit.

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    Default Lots to see/not much time

    I agree that you're meandering a bit to see the sights you want to see and that the time-frame you have will be tight. At the pace you have planned, you'll need to take a vacation after your vacation to recuperate, imho.

    As for budgeting, check out post 7 in this thread to get an idea of what this trip will cost you.

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    Yeah, I went thought it last night and mapped out some of the places and did more research and realize there are some things that I won't be able to see (and some that I don't even want to see after reading about them - Lightning Field.

    Here is my amended route...

    I realize you guys are just looking out, but this experience for me is going to be mostly about the road and not so much things I plan to see...

    Thanks for the advice though!
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    Sounds like a great trip. Looks a little similar to one I have planned.

    Take a look, there might be a few places on there you might want to see also. I completely forgot about Death Valley, I might add that now.

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