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    Hey everyone. I'm planning a trip from my alma matter back home after graduation. It'll be me, a uHaul, and all the cds I can carry. I'm looking for a route that will get me there quickly enough, but also allow me to appreciate the ride. I need to stop in Denver to visit my aunt. It also looks like St Louis is a logical first stop. I'm looking for a good stop in between those two cities, perhaps in Kansas and not too far out of the way. Kansas City is a little too close to SL and a little too far from Denver. Any suggestions? Any ideas for an alternate route all together? Appreciated from a first-time poster. Thanks!

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    Charlottesville (I'm guessing UVA is your soon to be alma mater) to St. Louis is just a straight shot down I-64, but at around 750 miles is really too far to go in one day as a solo driver pulling a U-Haul. If you want to appreciate the ride, take it easy each day and don't push your limits. If you want to enjoy the scenery, there's also no point to driving at night, ever. To Denver, your total miles are just a shade over 1600, so let's see if we can find you two stopping points about 535 or so miles apart, making for three driving days that won't leave you worn out. For the first night, somewhere roughly half an hour west of Louisville, KY would be about right, and on the second night, Topeka, KS on I-70, the direct Interstate between St. Louis and Denver.

    Then, amazingly enough, your final leg from Denver to Salt Lake City, up I-25 to I-80 west, is also just about 535 miles.


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    Understood. Good plan. I'm actually not a solo driver, though. My roommate will also be coming with me, and we'll be splitting up the driving time. Still think 750 miles is too much in a day?

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    It would be possible for the two of you to go 750 miles in one day, assuming you devoted about 15-17 hours to the drive and made only the minimal gas, pit and fast food stops. But at the end of that day, you would both be exhausted, and you still have over 1300 miles to drive. This is a long haul and the trailer/truck is only going to slow you down. It will also require driving skills that you are not used to exercising. You need to be sharp and aware for this entire trip, and I again urge you to pace yourself. U-Haul, which knows a thing or two about moving, recognizes this and encourages the same behaviour by allowing an ample number of days for a move based on the distance travelled.


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