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    I will be flying in to JFK Airport, NYC, around 8.30pm in late May. I plan to head towards Martha's Vineyard, but can't work out whether it would be better at that time of the night to check into an airport hotel or pick up a car and head north for a couple of hours to get a bed out of the suburbs and in to the countryside. Anyone got any ideas about where I could drive to pretty easily as I don't really want an airport hotel. I don't know anything about this area because I am from Australia and have not been north of NYC before. Thanks.

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    Where are you flying from? Are you starting in Australia or are you starting in California?

    I think that's going to make a pretty huge difference. If you are starting in California, then it could be a good idea to get started right away and head north. You'd get on the road late enough that you should avoid too many traffic problems - although you can run into them at pretty much any time in the NYC area.

    If you are starting your day from Australia, then I would be looking for the closest hotel room I could find. The thought of driving anywhere -even an hour or two away- after spending 20+ hours on a plane just wouldn't appeal to me.

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    Good point. As it happens, I am flying from California (San Francisco) so I will be relatively fresh and still operating on California time. Thanks for picking that up.

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    Rather than heading into and through the heart of New York City, and then working your way up Long Island Sound through additional cities including Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport and New Haven, you might want to look into a completely different option. You could head east out of JFK on the Southern Belt Parkway to Massapequa, then use NY-135 north to I-495 east, the Long Island Expressway. You would get clear of the metro New York area in only 30 miles going this way, around the towns of Plainview and Melville, if you were already exhausted and wanted to bed down "out of the suburbs and in to the countryside". Or you could continue eastward on I-495 getting farther into the countryside of Long Island. At Calverton, I-495 ends, but NY-25 continues on to the northeast tip of the island where a ferry will take you from Orient Point to New London, Connecticut. You will have to bed down somewhere on Long Island if you choose this route as the ferry stops service for the night shortly after 9 PM. Still, this way avoids most of NYC as well as most of the traffic using the main north-south artery on the east coast of the US, I-95.


  5. Default JFK to Martha's Vineyard

    Thanks AZBuck. Sounds an excellent idea. I'll try it.

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