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    Default Houston to Big Bend country

    My Dad and I are going on a roadtrip this December. Here's our itinerary. Anything that we're missing but shouldn't? Any problems we might run into?

    December 26

    Houston to Del Rio (I-10 W, US-90 W) - Eat Lunch

    Del Rio to Langtry (US-90 W) - Visit Judge Roy Bean Saloon

    Langtry to Alpine (US-90 W) - Eat and stay at Holland Hotel

    553 total miles
    December 27

    Drive to Big Bend (US-90 E, US-385) - Walk "The Window Trail"

    Eat a packed lunch

    Drive the Chisos Basin Road (6 miles) and the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive (30 miles)

    Back to the Holland Hotel to shower, then to Reata Restaurant for dinner, then halfway to Marfa to hunt for lights.
    December 28

    Drive to Ft. Davis (118 W) - Visit the Fort site

    Lunch at Popís Grill

    Visit Overland Trail Museum

    Drive The Scenic Loop (118 to 116 which loops around)

    Back to Alpine for dinner.
    December 29

    Golf at Alpine Country Club

    Visit Terlingua Ghost Town (118 S, FM-170 W)

    Dinner at Starlight Theatre
    December 30

    Alpine to Houston (US-90 E, US-67, I-10 E)

    573 miles

    Shoot me your advice!

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    Default Hot Springs?

    Quote Originally Posted by UHCoog27 View Post
    Visit Terlingua Ghost Town
    Welcome back! Your trip plan looks well thought out -- a couple of things: Terlingua is not a ghost town -- it might have been considered a ghost town in the 1950's but it is pretty lively these days!
    Dinner at Starlight Theatre
    Excellent choice!

    Couple of ideas:
    Hot springs in the area
    Some other areas of Big Bend


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