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    We're driving from Boston to Detroit w/our toddler (22 mo.). I've done this drive in the past, alone, nonstop, but with a toddler I think we should split it into a two day drive.
    Has anyone done this, and if so, any recommendations on where to stop overnight for a halfway point? Also, would it make more sense to drive through Canada, or through the states?

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    Quote Originally Posted by em6505 View Post
    We're driving from Boston to Detroit w/our toddler (22 mo.).
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum, I think you would be wise to make it a two-day trip. The shortest possible route is about 720 miles and with traffic congestion and the usual slow-downs it will easily take 6-7 hours each day to cover this distance. I would think the suburban areas of Rochester would make a reasonable stopping place for the night.


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    Default Good Call

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Nearly that self-same topic came up earlier today, and you can read a couple of recommendations here. Boston to Detroit via Canada is around 725 miles, and I agree with you - that is too much to try with an almost 2 year old. Halfway would be between Syracuse and Rochester in the Finger Lakes region of New York, say near the town of Geneva.

    Just remember that time is quickly running out for you to enter (actually return from) Canada without a passport. You will need at least a government issued photo ID (e.g. driver's license) for each of the adults AND proof of citizenship (e.g. original or certified copy of birth certificate) for everybody.


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    Default Contrarian Judy strikes again!

    Actually, I think it is do-able in one day. One long day, but really not so bad. Let me explain.

    We did many road trips with our kids from babyhood to the teenage years. Quite frankly, the teenage years were the most challenging. LOL

    When they were little, we would make sure we got a night or two of extra-good sleep before leaving. Then we would go to bed at the same time they did the night before leaving with the car packed and everything ready to go. Then we'd get up at about 3:30-4:00am, put the kids in their carseats with a pillow and blanket, and then drive for 3-4 hours before they woke up. Then we'd do breakfast and find a place for the kids to run around and play for awhile and get their wiggles out. If we timed it right, this would be at a great beach or other location that we wanted to visit anyway. Then we might do a bit of other sightseeing for awhile now that the kids were calmed down enough to be mellow for awhile. Then we'd hit the road again until lunch.

    When the kids were young enough for naps, they usually took a good one after lunch so we would use that time to burn some miles. When they woke up, we'd stop and let them play again, sightsee, etc.

    After dinner and a last good, long and, hopefully, energetic stop for the kids to play, also possibly combined with some sightseeing for us, we would get the kids back into their pajamas, give them a blanket and pillow to cuddle up with and hit the road. In a short time, they usually fell asleep so we could burn some miles for several hours before we needed to get to stop to sleep ourselves.

    Doing this meant we could often get anywhere from 10-14 hours of driving under our belt that day. Of course, this would leave us a bit tired the next day but if it meant getting to our final destination, it would be worth it. The deal was that the person who drove the most and the latest would get to sleep in the next morning.

    Anyway, so it is possible. I agree that breaking it up into 2 days is probably the best idea because it's a long drive. But, if you're up to it and plan well, it might be do-able to do in one day. Of course, a lot of this depends on your stamina, energy, and if your child sleeps well in the car. Mine did so it worked well for us.

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    Default Gotta love that contrarian....

    Quote Originally Posted by Judy View Post
    One long day, but really not so bad
    Good explanation, as always.


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    Default I agree, with both!

    I do agree that spliting the trip into 2 days is probably best. If you've got the time, I'd take advantage of it and have a little more leasurely and enjoyable trip.

    But since this is just a one day trip, pushing the entire distance in one day wouldn't be impossible. I tend to wake up a little later, and then plan to be driving into the night for a few hours after the kid has fallen asleep, rather than waking up early, but that's just what works best for me. As long as you plan to drive for several hours while the kid is asleep, stop plenty of time when he is awake, and this is just a one shot trip, then I think you could make the trip in one day if you needed to.

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    Thanks for the tips, everyone! We're looking forward to the baby's first (of many, we hope!) family car trip. :-)

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