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    Default So I'm moving from Boston to Ann Arbor in mid May

    And my father offered to drive with me, but I think dealing with him in a confined space for any period of time isn't worth the benefit of having another driver along for the ride. Plus I'd probably have to pay for his bus ticket back, so it would actually cost more money. So I will probably make the trip myself.

    I posted before about going through Canada, but I checked and going the other way around, that is through Ohio and then up into Michigan, is only an additional 60 miles. Can anyone who has made the trip tell me which is the more interesting route? I can spare a few days to look around, and I figured going through Niagra would be cool, but I suppose I could go there and still go down through Ohio if it is more interesting than the Canada route.

    Oh, and some of you may notice that I had planned a huge trip last fall...I never took it. Well, I went but I went by bus, and it was to see beatutiful places in Monatana and Oregon and such, but I decided not to drive that time around. This time I have to drive since I'm moving and bringing my car, and I am looking forward to the experience anyhow.

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    Default An Interesting Experience to Look Forward To

    The few times that I have driven across that stretch of Ontario between Niagara Falls and Detroit (or Windsor if you want to be Canada-centric) it has always been during the night. Still, I have driven the Ohio Turnpike often enough to know that the Canadian route would be more interesting, particularly if you have never experienced life on the other side of the border. One geographic oddity of such a trip is that you would go south(!) from the US to enter Canada at Detroit/Windsor. Since you have a few days for the trip, I'll suggest a couple of interesting alternatives to I-90: US-20 across the top of the Finger Lakes (following the old Erie Canal) rather than the New York State Thruway, and MA-2, the Mohawk Trail, across Massachusetts instead of the Mass Pike. There are plenty of interesting distractions along both those routes.


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    Default I like Canada, eh?

    I too like the trip through Canada better than the trip along I-90. While Canada isn't a vastly different culture, there are enough differences that make the trip a bit more fun.

    If nothing else, it gives me a chance to practive the metric system and enjoy gravy and malt vineger with my french fries!

    Just make sure to get gas on the US side of the border. Its much more expensive on the Canadian side (and that doesn't include the work involved in converting both CAN$ to US$ and then Liters to Gallons just to figure out how much you are actually paying!). You should be able to make the trip across without refueling if you fill up near the border.

    Another bit of trivia about crossing the border in Michigan. Not only do you head south from Detroit into Windsor via both the bridge and Tunnel, but the Bluewater Bridge up at Port Huron/Sarnia is also the terminus of I-94, making it the only east-west Interstate highway to leave the US!

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    Thanks for the input! The Canada route sounds more interesting for sure. I didn't realize I could get through the Canada part of the trip without getting gas over there, I'll have to try that.

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