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    Default Florida to Washington - any advice?

    We are planning an East Coast road trip in July/August. We fly from the UK to Boston for 2 nights. Then we are flying to Orlando via Jet Blue - never heard of this airline - any advice?. We arrive in Orlando, pick up a hire car (convertable) 21st July and fly out of Washington 4th August. So far I have booked the following:
    Orlando - stay 2 nights Int Drive plus a visit to Discovery Cove.
    Daytona - stay 1 night.
    Jacksonville - stay 1 night.

    Not booked but planned:
    Savannah GA - 2 nights. Any recommendations for hotels. I like 3star plus including outdoor pools.
    Charleston SC - 1 night. Any recommendations for hotels?
    Myrtle Beach SC - 2 nights. For a treat, I have picked out the Marriot Grand Dunes Hotels. Anyone any experience of this hotel? It looks as though it is at the quiet end of the beach. Is it too far out?
    Morehead City NC - we are planning to drive along the NC Outer Banks. No experience of this, infact I had never heard of the area until I started looking at the map. Could anyone provide any advice? Morehead City looked like a good start. We haven't planned to stay over night on the Outer Banks, is this a mistake?
    Virginia Beach VA 1 night - this area seems quite expensive. Is it worth paying for an ocean front hotel if we are only there i night?
    Dewey Beach DE - have picked this because it seems quiter than Ocean City. Is this a good choice? Any suggestions for accomodation?
    Washington - 3 nights. Any suggestions of what we need to do/see/stay?

    Grateful for any advice - have I picked the best places to stay along this route? Have I missed any majo "must-sees"?

    We then fly to NYC for a 2 night stay before returning to UK. It is 6 years since last in NYC.


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    Default Jealosy

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I haven't traveled in this area much, but it sounds like a wonderful trip.

    Jet Blue is a discount airline. They have always scored very high in customer statisfaction surveys, but they've gotten some bad publicity in recent months - mostly because of bad weather issues. (passengers were stuck inside a plane on the tarmac for 10+ hours during a winter storm because the runways were closed, and the gates were full)

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    Default What Can I Tell You

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Jet Blue is a relatively new, low cost airline along the lines of Ryan Air, but not quite that stripped down. They have recently had a public relations disaster where they left some passengers stranded in a plane on the runway during a snowstorm for many hours and so are scrambling to refurbish their image. It might be an excellent time to use them.

    My wife and I generally don't stay in hotels when we travel, so I'm not going to be much help to you there, but Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC are two lovely cities. If you can, plan to spend a day in Charleston as well. Moorehead City is probably as close to the ferry as you'll find anything like a three star hotel. When I took that ferry over to the Banks, I stayed at a funky little motel right next to the dock in Cedar Island. More like a one star, but the staff was very accommodating and the seafood in their restaurant was great. And staying there allowed us to be up and on the first ferry of the day. When you get across the Sound to Ocracoke, there is a small cemetery for the crew of a British vessel sunk off the Banks by a U-boat during WWII, but otherwise this is a very congested little town. The nearly deserted Atlantic beaches start just a few miles up the road however. Be sure to stop in Manteo at the northern end of Banks and visit the site of the first English settlement in the New World.

    I don't think I'd spend the money for a beach front in Virginia Beach. You are going to be on the beach in a number of other less crowded, less expensive locations. Dewey Beach, DE (and Rehobeth) is where the college age people hang out, and can tend to get quite 'boisterous'. If you're looking for quiet, then stay just a bit farther south in Bethany, South Bethany or Fenwick Island. As for Washington, I think I'd stay outside the city near one of the Metro stops and use that to get into and out of the city. Pretty much everything you need to see is within walking distance of the National Mall.

    There is a ton more information, but you should probably digest that much and get your itinerary set and then we can offer more information on what to see where within your time constraints and that might be of particular interest to you.


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    Default Thanks for the advice!

    Wow what a great place to get advice - I am so impressed!!
    I will take on board what you said about Dewey Beach as we are not "Spring Break" age anymore I will do some searching in the areas you suggest - Bethany etc.

    I always use Trip Advisor for views on hotels. Once I've decided which hotels I want to stay in I use Expedia, or the hotels own web site to get the best price. When I have seen reviews from people from the US they have often booked via Priceline - is this like a bidding site? Can anyone please advise how it works?

    Thanks again!


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    Default Priceline - you can bid but you don't have to

    You can purchase your flight, hotel, rental car, cruise, whatever at Priceline just like you can at Expedia, Normal cancellation rules apply just like at Expedia or the other major travel sites.

    Or you can look at the current pricing for what you want and then put in a low-bid on that item. If it's accepted, your credit card is charged and you are stuck with it. No backing out. And you can't bid on anything real specific. For hotels, you can specify area and how many stars, but not a specific hotel. For flights, you can specify the specific dates and from/to airports but you might end up with a flight with 5 transfers that takes 15 hours instead of a straight-thru or 1-stop that takes 6-7 hours.

    That's not to say they're a bad idea. But I wouldn't bid there without learning more about it first. Two good places to get some info on how to bid at Priceline and Hotwire are at Better Bidding and Bidding for Travel. I would read through them carefully before I bid. I know people who have gotten tremendous savings through Priceline. But you really have to know what you're getting into first which takes time. But is saving hundreds of dollars on a trip worth the time? I think so. Not so much if the savings turns out to be minimal.

    Hope this helps.

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