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    Default Advice on all backroads, Vero, Florida to Santa Fe, NM


    I have driven this route many, many times and want to do without any interstates. Has anyone done this, and would they offer any good roads I must travel?

    speed not important-obviously!

    many thanks,


    (Leaving around May 1st)

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    Default Other Roads

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    While I haven't 'shunpiked' this particular stretch of road, I have engaged in the activity more than once when I've travelled a route as often as you have and want to see another piece of highway. You've got a couple of very good choices, probably the best of which is US-27 up through central Florida, US-231 through Georgia and Alabama to Montgomery where you'd join one of the old transcontinental highways, US-80, to Dallas. West of Dallas, US-80 shares alignment with I-20 and stays a bit far south for your purposes, so I'd take US-380 to US-84 to Lubbock to US-60 and finally, US-285 up to Santa Fe. I've driven a few chunks of that and it's always been an interesting road, with the odd surprise that I won't spoil for you here. It is also about 50 miles shorter than the 'standard' Interstate route, but as you say, you're not going to save time.


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    Default Shunpike shunstates

    I love that word thing...THANKS for these ideas I start my mapping...Texas will be the most interesting part- and that to me is where the west really starts. Everything else is just 'getting thru it'.

    As I drive this so much, I am tired of dealing with trucks, crazy people, predictable sightings and such.

    I have done 285 alot...(14 is much better near Moriarty, NM and goes thru Stanley, way, way off beaten path...great cemetery too, to pass through..)

    but most of the others didn't ring a bell-exactly what I wanted!

    Come on, tell me more about the sightings....


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    Default What is/are a "predictable sightings"?

    Quote Originally Posted by afterbush View Post
    Come on, tell me more about the sightings....
    What does this mean?


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    I meant 'odd surprises' he alluded to...


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    Default OK - But Just Two

    Gibsland, LA: Site of the Bonnie and Clyde 'Massacre'.

    Fort Sumner, NM: Billy the Kid's graves.
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