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  1. Default Boise ID to Peoria IL along I-80

    I am planning a roadtrip in mid July.
    Leave Boise ID on Wednesday late morning, spending Wednesday night in Rock Springs WY. Spending Thursday night in York NE, arriving in Peoria IL Friday evening. Majority of the trip will be on I-80, are there any not to miss touristy things to stop and see? Worlds biggest ball of yarn etc.

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    Default Well, There's the World's Biggest...

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    ...Ball of Stamps at Boys Town. But probably a bit more rewarding, both visually and historically, would be stops at a few of the great landmarks of the Oregon Trail. Finally, as you near Peoria, the tallest totem pole east of the Mississippi is in Abingdon, IL.


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    thanks, I'll put the totem pole on our list

  4. Default renting a minivan

    Does anyone have any experience with renting a minivan?
    We are driving from idaho to Illinois in mid July and so far the best rates I've found with unlimited miles were 750 and 850, I'm wondering if I should book now or wait a while and see if they come out with any cheaper summer rates.
    Thank You

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    Default Mini-Van Rental

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    Using the Travel Reservations tool at the top of this page, and using Boise and Chicago as the pick-up and drop-off cities, I was able to easily find that Avis would rent a mini-van for a week in mid-July for $716.48. I think that's about the best you are going to do. Avis has a higher weekly charge than some such as National or Dollar, but a lower drop-off charge for renting one-way more than offsets that. And it's the final total that matters, so be sure to read the fine print. Also, I used airports for my pick-up and drop-off locations, but you may be able to save a few bucks by dealing with in-town locations and avoiding airport fees.


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    Thanks, I should have been more specific with my itinery. I will be driving from Boise to Illinois and then back to Boise.
    Picking up the minivan on July 10th at 5:00pm and returning the minivan on July 25th at 5:00pm for a total of 15 days.
    Alamo and Avis have the best deals so far and you are sure right about the airport fees, at Avis, the exact same vehicle for the exact same amount of time costs $350.00 more if rented from the airport instead of non-airport.

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    Default Rent in 10 day increments!

    Quote Originally Posted by tinafromidaho View Post
    Alamo and Avis have the best deals so far
    You ought to look at National (sister company to Alamo) and look at a two week increment (even though you only need the car for 15 days). Rule of thumb: if you rent more than 4 days in any given week, you will already be paying more than the weekly rate. Plus, if possible, always start & end your rental on a Friday, the rates are lower on Friday over the weekend than starting on a Monday (the highest day each week). I bet you will find that if you were to pick up the car on the 6th and drop it off on the 26th or 27th the rate will be less than you are paying now....


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