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    hi, im planning a 3 month roadtrip and im from england. just wondering if u could give me any tips. Where planning to start in calafornia and work our way across to new york so the full stretch of the usa. if u could give me any tips on stuff like. accomidation, rentel of a car for 3 months, sights, stuff like that. there is 4 of us going so i was wonderin hw much each we should take, and how much cash we should bring or if we should just use our cards. any help would be appricated thanks.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We've already got a lot of good general advice all over the forums. I'd start by looking at the "Sticky" threads that are listed at the top of each Forum Topic. Each of those threads has been highlighted because they provide information that can be broadly applyed to most people's trips. For example, this thread talks about how to step by step lay out a budget.

    And of course there is more than the forum! We've got a whole section with articles and information about Planning a Roadtrip.

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