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  1. Default What must i see from West Arkansas?

    My Husband and I are planning our first official road trip from West Arkansas, should we go east? or west? Where must we go and what must we see, and do?!! Thanks!

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    Default Lots of Options

    You're just a little north of me and I done trips both east and west. So do you want to see the desert, the big cities of the east, Las Vegas? What are your interests. And there are no musts on the road. My musts may be other peoples "what the?"s.

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    I've been to VA on the road. I'd like to go west. I know we're heading to Kansas City to catch a Royals vs Yankee's game early in the week, so i'd like to head west after that....We have no idea where to go, i'd like to see the desert, maybe the Grand Canyon....but i'm worried it's too much of an amibition in a week...

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    Default How much time do you actually have?

    Quote Originally Posted by HAbrown View Post
    We have no idea where to go, i'd like to see the desert, maybe the Grand Canyon.....
    I don't know where in west Arkansas you are starting from -- (Ft. Smith?) but it would be about 1200 miles one-way to the Grand Canyon which would be four very long days (round trip). How much time do your really have for this getaway? And what kinds of things are you interested in seeing?


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    yes we're starting from Ft. Smith, we actually have 11 days, the weekend before, the week, and the weekend after. We've actually traveled to Michigan over the weekend once, and it wasn't too bad, and it was about the same mileage. As far as seeing anything...just some neat places. Not so much the big cities. More impressed with what nature has done, and we like smaller towns eating at local diners checking out small town shops...

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