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    Hello everyone,

    I am from Germnay and I am planning to go on a roadtrip with my best friend next summer. We were thinking about flying to New York in the beginning of july and stay there for a couple of days. Afterwards we want to hit the road, driving to Niagra Falls and from there we need to get to Chicago.

    So my question is how much time will take up the driving??? I have no clue how long this would take. We are two drivers!

    And then I was wondering if we could drive through Canada a bit after visiting Niagra Falls?!?! Maybe even visiting Toronto???

    Is there a possibility to get on a ferry in Michigan somewhere to get to Chicago?

    Hope to get some advice! Tank you and bye-bye

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You could do the trip in as little as two long days. You can make it from NYC to the falls in a long day, and then to Chicago in another long day. However, breaking the trip into 3 days would give you more time to explore.

    Canada is certainly an option for this trip, and the Canadian side is generally thought of as having better views of the falls. Toronto is then only a couple hours away. There is a challenge here, however, you might have a tough time finding a rental car company that will allow you to drive into Canada.

    There is no ferry service from Michigan to Chicago. Since Chicago is at the very bottom of Lake Michigan, there really would be no benefit to taking a ferry. There are 2 ferrys that go across Lake Michigan, but they both go to Wisconsin.

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