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Thread: 12 volt Coolers

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    Default 12 volt Coolers

    Has anyone tried out any of these? I have been looking around at various brands and asking around the office. My cousin (who frequently travels to Europe and the Middle East for work) told me about a company that started in Europe and has been expanding into the US more recently. WAECO was the name of the company. Now I usually start to judge a company by its website and well it is developed, so I was a little skeptical about this one at first. But I called them and was actually able to get one of their engineers on the phone right away! I have an electronics engineering degree so I love talking to the people that build and design electronics products. After talking about their products for a bit, it was clear they had a few years (30 or so to be exact) experience in this market. He told me about an item they had on closeout because they had a huge overstock on them so I ordered one, I will definitely test this one out a lot.

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    Default Keep it cool

    We've been using a Coleman 12-volt cooler for several years now. It works quite well, both in the car and with an AC adapter for when we get to our destination.

    The capacity is somewhat limited, but we've found it to be reliable and much easier to deal with versus stuffing a bag of ice in there.

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    Have your or anyone else had problems with it actually getting too cold inside like on a cool day? A lot of the products I have seen do not have a thermostat so they just cool like 30-50 degrees below outside temperature.

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    Default Think Fridge

    I've got a small 12 volt cooler I picked up at Target cheap. I've only used it a few times so far, but its certainly got some advantages.

    Mine has both a cooler and a warming setting. But its basically designed to keep cold foods cold or warm foods warm. Its not designed to take a hot item and bring it down to a cold temperature.

    The amount that the cooler drops the temperature is going to be relative to the outside temp. If its 40 degrees outside, it isn't going to drop the temperature much at all. If its 90 degrees out, it should keep things 50 degrees cooler than the air temp. Its not a freezer, and won't freeze things on its own power.

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    Default Like mine, too

    I have a small, 9-can size, no-name brand, that I picked up real cheap (about $25). It also has the warming or cooling option but I've never used the warming feature so I can't speak to that. I think it works just fine.

    But I still carry a small cooler with me. I don't think the 12-volt gets cold enough for some items. I just transfer into it things that I'm going to munch on that day. Any raw meat that I might pick up for dinner that night goes into the ice-chest.

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    haha I remember my parents having one of those Waeco fridges when I was a kid and they used to have a boat! Can't remember if it was any good or not, but they did have it for a long time, I seem to recall. Thanks for bringing back some happy memories of times with my folks :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesseschulman View Post
    He told me about an item they had on closeout because they had a huge overstock on them so I ordered one, I will definitely test this one out a lot.
    How much do they charge for shipping? I looked on their site and it looks like a great deal - but would rather not give all my info to find out how much they charge to ship it. Thanks!

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    I found one on there for $39.99 (they said retail was like $179, not sure about that though). And I actually got two, a co-worked wanted one for her roadtrip to TN next month. The shipping for both was like $24, so I figure about $12 a piece. They wanted like $40 for the AC adapter, but I found a better one here for less.

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    Default You might check one of the RTA sponsors...

    Keep Your Cooler is one of the RTA sponsors and I believe that they also support and sell 12-volt coolers.


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    Default How Useful are These?

    I've seen them at Walmart and other places but they never really struck me as terrible useful. I've always just chunked a bag of ice in my ice chest each morning when I get gas and clean the bugs off the windshield. So - tell me the pros and cons.


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