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  1. Default Central California to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon

    My friend and I are planning our first roadtrip from Dos Palos (the central valley, CA) to Las Vegas (to stay with her grandma) somwhere around May 26/June 1 and also plan on mini-roadtripping to the Grand Canyon in the middle of the week.

    We both want this to be a really special trip full of classic road-trip things (you know how in every road trip someone has to take a picture with a giant dinosaur? Stuff like that.) But I'm not really sure where to look to plan for that. Does anyone have any cool ideas or stops somewhere in between the central valley and LV, or LV and the Grand Canyon?


  2. Default Dinosaurs -- but not on the main route

    These Dinosaurs are a road tip icon... Cabazon Dinosaurs But they're near Cabazon, in the Banning pass between the LA basin and Palm Springs on I-10. That's a bit out of the way for this trip...

    Some of the interesting stops you might do include.. Yosemite, then over Tioga Pass to the east side of the Sierras, then down past Mammoth Lakes (check out Devil's Postpile there), through Bishop (get some of the Shepard's bread), past the Alabama Hills (where many westerns were filled), through Death Valley to Las Vegas.

    Another route would be to go south, through Bakersfield (or as far south as Edwards Airforce Base), then east through Kramer's Junction (world's largest solar-powered power plant) to Barstow to Vegas.

    Or you could swing north, through Reno/Tahoe and down the east side of the Sierras again.
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