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    Some friends and I are hoping to road trip from Chicago to Grand Canyon. We'll camp the entire way, and we're hoping to make some good stops. We're looking for about a week long trip and would LOVE some good suggestions! Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

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    Default More!

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you'll gte better information if you tell us a little more.

    When you say you want this to be a week long, is that timeline for one way or a round trip?

    What sorts of things do you find interesting and would you want to stop at along the way?

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    We would probably like to do the trip a week long round trip maybe a little longer?), but we can do the trip back in one or two days, rotating drivers. We're all 21, so we like anything fun.. interesting. We like outdoors. Landmarks. Tourist things. A friend recommended Oklahoma bombing site, St Louis Arch and Zoo, and some neat restaurants to eat at along the way. Ideas like that are VERY helpful. We like cheap things. We're all in college, so lakes and places to hike, swim, etc would be great. We only need one or two stops along the way. Thanks so much!

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    Default Take the Mother Road

    Route 66, Route 66, Route 66.

    You'll be running right alongside it or close to it on the interstate anyway. Get off every so often.

    Stay at one of the downtown motels in Williams, Az., The Gateway to the Grand Canyon, and enjoy the nightlife. I'd especially recommend the Grand Motel or Lodge.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

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    Thanks, we'll look into that. I read somewhere that it can be difficult because there arent so many signs for it anymore. But it's definately a piece of history I'd like to explore.

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    If you take I-80 out of Chicago, you should stop at Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska. Its been featured in a lot of TV ads and the like, and its fun to explore. There is also a car that is painted all while so you can write your names on it to document your trip. Definately a fun, tourist-y spot.

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    Default Here is an excellent site

    Quote Originally Posted by Neicy612 View Post
    But it's definately a piece of history I'd like to explore.
    Here is an an excellent site for virtual travel along Route 66 and it can also be used for trip planning purposes.


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