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    Default In need of renting campervan

    This site is brilliant, I really hope there are some good advices for our challenge.

    My boyfriend and me are planning a road trip from LA to Seattle this July. In all we have approximately 16 days on the road before we move on to Vancouver from Seattle by boat for a wedding. We've tried to rent a small campervan for the period, talking to one rental company in particular as they had a 17ft. camper available. Now it turns out that we can not rent this one way and the only one that's free is a 25ft RV. I'm slightly worried as we are; a) not used to driving such a big vehicle, b) we want to stop in San Francisco for a couple of days, staying at a hotel for the period. Should I worry about this with such a big rv?

    Also wondering if there are any tips for who I may contact that might have something smaller?

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    Default An Article Just for You!

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think there is an article just for you. It's called How to Rent an RV and tackles many of the issues you are facing and provides links to a couple different companies that might have more selection and availability.

    However, I really think it would be foolish to bother with a hotel stay in San Francisco. With an RV, I'd go all or nothing. Either spend your entire trip living in the RV, or don't bother with it and just rent a car and stay at hotels throughout your trip.

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    Default I agree with Mark

    You aren't saving any money by renting an RV. The rental fee, the higher fuel costs, and the camping fees will probably be much higher than if you just rented a car and stayed in hotels. Of course, another option is tent-camping from the car (my personal choice).

    So, if you're doing this for the RV experience, there are RV parks near San Francisco. You might look into something that.

    To be honest, if you're planning on driving up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), especially since you have no prior experience driving big rigs, I think you should rent a car. The PCH is a marvelous drive, with beautiful views, on a road that is fairly narrow, curvy, and hilly. This is not the type of road where you want to learn to drive an RV. Trust me. This is the type of road where you want to be driving a good cruising car that hugs the curves.

    I've done parts of the PCH numerous times. When we've wanted to focus on staying in just one or two places for awhile and enjoying the outdoors, we would take our truck/camper. When we just wanted to cruise the coast, burn some miles and enjoy the sights, we took our car and tent-camped and/or used hotels.
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    Default Another must read-thread for you!

    Quote Originally Posted by tartar View Post
    My boyfriend and me are planning a road trip from LA to Seattle this July.
    Here is a thread that is excellent and provides scores of tips and suggestions for your adventure.


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    Default We'll do a car instead

    Thank you for your inputs on my questions. We have decided to rent a car instead, as there are places we want to visit like San Francisco, that probably are easier to move around in with a small car. Maybe we'll come back in a few years time doing the propper camping holiday, with the rv and everything. We're bringing a tent though ;)

    Thanks again.

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