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    Planning a solo trip from LA to NYC in the coming weeks. Currently thinking Route 66 to missouri, detour up to KC for an essential BBQ stopover, with no plans from KC-NYC.

    Main questions are:

    Is 8-9 days enough time to make this trip without pushing myself too hard?

    Whats the best route from Kansas City to New York?

    Any other general tips for this drive?


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    First off, 8-9 days is a great amount of time for this trip. You could do it in 5, so you'll have lots of time to actually get out and about and see some of the country you'll be passing through. For what it's worth, my daughter and son-in-law used to live in KC, and have take us to both Arthur Bryant's and Gates and Sons for BBQ, and I can heartily recommend both. From KC to New York I70/I-78 is the most direct route, but with the amount of time you have, I think I'd head first to St. Louis and then across Kentucky and along the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains up to central Pennsylvania before finally turning east for NYC.


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