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  1. Default San Fran - LA, any advice is welcome!

    We are 3 girls from scandinavia planning to do a 9-10 days road trip from San Francisco and ending in LA.

    The plan is to leave on the 14th of April, stay for one night in Death Valley and arrive to Vegas on the 15th. We have already booked a hotel from Vegas for 4 nights, so we will leave early in the morning of 19th to the Grand Canyon, also possibly stop by the Hoover Dam on the same day. We are still not sure whether we should drive straight to LA and stay there from 19th to 22nd, or possible stay for a day or two in San Diego first... The plan is anyways to fly from LA to NYC either on the 22nd or 23rd of April.

    Any advice concerning the roads to choose (best scenery?), interesting things to see on the way, where to stay and what to do in Death Valley, is it worth stopping in san Diego? Also heard that there are these "ghost towns" somewhere on the way, sounds interesting. Oh, and also if anyone knows a good car rental company that would allow us to rent the car from san fran but return it in LA, please let us know! All advice is appreciated - thanks already!

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    Start by reading the discussions pointed to in this post. That should give you a pretty good idea of what's available on your route and what drive times should look like. The one problem I see right off is your plan for the 19th. Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon to Los Angeles is over 750 miles. You really can't drive that in a day, let alone see Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. You will need to take at least another day for this portion of your trip. If you can find the extra time for this leg, here is a discussion of routes between the Grand Canyon and San Diego, and here is one on those between the Canyon and Los Angeles.

    San Diego is a great town, I have enjoyed my time there much more than that I've spent in Los Angeles. I don't know of any ghost towns on your various routes, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. Maybe someone else will be able to help. All of the major US car rental companies will allow you to rent a car in San Francisco and drop it off at either San Diego or Los Angeles. There will be a fairly substantial "drop-off" charge, but other than price, there isn't a whole lot to differentiate the general quality of car or service you'll get from any of these companies. Hope that helps get you started on your trip.


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