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    Here is the deal . . .
    I am planning a road trip during late summer/early fall and am traveling to Texas and then over to GA. I am assuming I will be driving down the Mississippi but would love to travel on some river roads that are scenic and beautiful. I want to try and stay away from freeways as much as possible. I want to discover new places/backroads. Any suggestions on where to stop and what to see along the way?? Thanks in advance.

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    There are a series of US and state highways that are collectively known as the Great River Road. You can start with these roads, and then poke around a bit as you proceed down river onto some of the smaller roads and into the smaller towns as you discover them.

    As for the Texas to Georgia leg, there are many, many possibilities. One is the Southern Pacific route. Another is the drive I developed for my own cross-south journey a couple of years ago and described here and here. Yet a third way, if you're coming from the Houston area of Texas, is to string together a few disparate scenic highways such as the Creole Nature Trail, the Natchez Trace Parkway, and the Talladega Scenic Drive.


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