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    Hello all! First time poster...
    Looking to hit the road next week. I can't wait!

    I bought a new Toyota FJ Cruiser and gonna break her in!

    This is my plan so far....
    I have no plan. HA!

    But what I am itching to do is part of Route 66, or all of it.
    I have about 16 days at my disposal...
    I live in NYC.
    What I am looking for are any tips on the first part of my trip
    from NYC to Chicago. Best route, lodging, how long it should take, etc...

    And any tips on Route 66. Would 16 days be enough to do the full trip to CA and back? This is going to be a solo trip as well.

    I have a 1966 Mustang that I would LOVE to take, but it's a tough car to drive on a long trip, and I need reliability...

    So basically, ANY INFO would be great and appreciated!

    So excited!
    Matt 35 years old Brooklyn

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    Default Go For It

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    New York to Chicago is just under 800 miles, so you can either take Interstate (I-80) and do it in a day and a half, or take some two lane roads through the Appalachians (US-6) and some four lane divided highways (US-30) across the Midwest farm country at a more subdued pace and take two full days. Your call. US-66 has, of course, been decommissioned. But many portions of the old concrete are still out there and are being locally revived for their historic significance.

    Sixteen days will be a bit pressed, but still doable, for a round trip. You will have to keep moving and pick and choose where you spend your free time, but still, given the choice between doing this trip in 16 days or not doing it, I doubt you'll find anyone on these forums who would say anything other than go for it!


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    Default 66 on 66!!

    A 66 Mustang, what a great car to drive on Route 66.

    That is going to be a long trip there and back in 16 days. This past fall, my wife and I drove from Chicago to LA and it took us two weeks, but we weren't pushing it.

    Fortunately, interstates run along side or close by the whole way, so you can always get on them to make time.

    I definitely suggest the Cozy Dog in Springfield for their corndogs. Also, the Chain of Rocks Bridge and Ted Drewe's Concretes in St. Louis. One of my favorite stretches of 66 is Hooker Cut and Devil's Elbow in Missouri.

    Check out the Roadtrip reviews section of the forum. I also have listed some inexpensive motels.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

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    "I definitely suggest the Cozy Dog in Springfield for their corndogs. "
    Someone told me they don't like to be called "corndogs"...


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