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    Default A long shot, but...getting sponsored?

    I'm in the preliminary planning stages for a long roadtrip I'm trying to take sometime next spring or summer (2008). The plan is Boston to Vancouver, Vancouver to LA, LA to Tampa, Tampa back to Boston, hitting all the big cities (and small ones) along the way. It'll be 3 people, over about 30 days, with a ballpark estimate of $2500 per person (food, lodging, gas, entertainment, misc).

    Has anyone ever had luck getting a "sponsor" to chip in a few bucks for the trip? One of the main reasons for taking the trip is to document it all with a nice digital camera. I'm getting a Canon Rebel XTi, and when I get back, I'm going to have all the good photos printed into a book, with accompanying stories and essays about the trip. I'm not a "professional" photographer, but I was hoping I might be able to get Canon to throw some money my way if I would mention the camera frequently in the book. I know it's a long shot, it's just a thought I'm considering. I'm also thinking of some fundraising ideas...maybe having some friends' bands play a benefit show or something. Any ideas/suggestions on getting other people/corporations to pay for some of the trip?

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    Default Maybe a car wash?

    Seriously, these work well in my area. We did many of them for the kids various sports teams and scouting groups when they were growing up. It was always good for anywhere from $250-500 for one day's work, depending on the weather and how many other charity car washes were going on that day. We've often joked about doing one to pay for a trip but we haven't had the guts to actually do it yet.

    On a trip to a car show a few years back, a friend of mine got her car dealership to pay for her gas. Well, they reimbursed her based on the receipts she gave them upon her return. They had vinyl letters made up with the dealership's webpage addy (which was also the dealership name) which she had plastered on her car. They just peeled off when she got home. Of course, she had a long-term relationship with them and had bought several vehicles from them so they were probably more open to her than they would if a stranger had approached them.

    Good luck on finding a sponsor.

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    Default A Long Shot, Indeed

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    This topic comes up from time to time, but I'm afraid that short of having something extremely extraordinary to offer your sponsor, you will have an almost impossible time getting anyone to bite. Our Editor has written a couple of posts that you should read:

    The same challenge all of us face
    Got have the hook -- if you want the green!

    You might have better luck raising money with your band (Think Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland!) or a car wash, as Judy suggests, but it will be because of your efforts, not because someone threw some money your way. Note that where Judy's friend was successful in getting some help, it was because of a pre-existing, long-term relationship.


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    Cool, thanks. Yeah, I figured getting a "corporate" sponsor would be a tough one to pull off. I might do the car wash idea. Or maybe a kissing booth, ha ha.

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    Do you already have a book deal with someone? On what grounds did they agree to your proposal to take a vacation and get paid to talk about it? That in itself seems like a pretty good deal.

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    Sorry, I should've clarified, it's not a book deal, I was just going to get all the photos self-printed, with stories and essays I write, from an online book-printer like or Blurb actually has some really good deals, I could make an 80-page, softcover, full-color (and if I want, full page bleed) photo "album" for $21.95 (or a hardcover for $34.95), and it's only an extra 5 or 6 bucks for every extra 40 pages. Depending on how many photos I end up using...I'm thinking around 100...It'll be around $35 for a nice book of my travels. :)

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    Default We almost built such a product for you

    Quote Originally Posted by absinthetic View Post
    Sorry, I should've clarified, it's not a book deal, I was just going to get all the photos self-printed, with stories and essays I write, from an online book-printer
    RTA was in development for over four years on a software product called "RoadTrip Report" that would have enabled you to create such a field report on-the-road and then printed in a gorgeous hardback book. It got too expensive for us and we decided to abandon the effort -- but we wish you the best in the execution of your concept.


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    Thanks, Mark. :) I'll post on the forum when the book gets 'printed', in case anyone's interested in getting it. Probably won't be for at least a year, but I should be a much more familiar face on this site over the next 12 months. I'm getting really excited about this trip!

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