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    Default Portable Power

    I found this great piece of gear today.

    Has anyone used any of their products. I have been able to find it online for around $179.

    Sounds like a lot in a small package for a good price.

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    Default What a cool gizmo!

    Thanks for the heads up. It's worth checking out. Let us know how it works for you, OK?

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    Will do, should get it sometime early next week I hope. I'm sure I will find a ton of uses for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesseschulman View Post
    I found this great piece of gear today.
    Wow -- very nice! I wish I'd found this before I went through the trouble of installing an inverter into my car. The ability to jump a car would have saved me countless times, not to mention that having AC power in the car is a godsend.

    If you pick one up, please drop a note and let us know how it works out! (I'm interested if the inverter functions even when the battery in the unit doesn't have a charge.)

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    Well I got it yesterday, It has soo many functions. It has:
    3 - 115v power outlets (600 watts max, 480 cont.)
    1 - 12v power outlet
    emergency light
    clock/radio (works alright)
    digital alarm clock
    jumper cables
    charges in ~3 hours off 12v in the car
    charges in ~25-30 hours off 115v in the house

    I think it feels like its about 25 lbs. Not too bad, its not something you would take on a hike with you, but more keep in your car.

    It says the emergency light lasts like 40-50 hours and the radio like 25 hours. Says it can power a small cooler for up to 8 hours even.

    We will see once I start testing it soon how it works out.

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    Default Looking forward to a field report

    Quote Originally Posted by jesseschulman View Post
    We will see once I start testing it soon how it works out.
    Looking forward to reading how you think it works in real life.


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