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    Default Minneapolis to Winnipeg

    JUST returned from this whirlwind 2-day trip. Took I-94 out of MN to I-29, which took us into Canada. The landscape along these stretches of road are pretty uneventful, especially I-29 after you get into Canada. Never have I seen such a flat place! Winnipeg is a wonderful city though. My three companions had never been to Canada, and got a kick out of the fact that people really do say "eh" there. There are lots of great restaurants in the Osbourne district and in the Forks. I recommend a place called Sushi Train. I got 12 rolls, miso, and rice for $8 Canadian! We stopped in Fargo, ND and ate at the Space Aliens restaurant. VERY kitchy and lots of fun. The overall cost of the trip for gas, hotel, and food worked out to be around $90/ person. I'd recommend this trip for any bored Minneapolitan with a weekend to spare.

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    Default A favorite of mine too!

    I've made a few trips to Winnipeg for fun, and I've always enjoyed the city. The prices for things can be exceptionally good - going to a bar and drinking local Canadian beer for $1CAN really stood out in my mind, but other shopping for things like CDs was relatively cheap too - although the exchange rate was a lot nicer just a couple of years ago.

    The next you head up there, and if you've got some extra time, I highly recommend taking this scenic route: I-35 to Duluth, US-53 through the Iron Range to International Falls, and then make your way over the top of Lake of the Woods on into Canada. I takes significantly longer than taking the interstate through Fargo, but the scenery, especially after you cross into Canada, is really quite nice.

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    Default Thanks for the report!

    It's always fun to read about people's experiences. If I ever get to Fargo (and I might this summer), I'll definitely check out the Space Aliens Restaurant. It sounds like just my kind of place!

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