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  1. Default Brits with baby-vegas to vancouver?

    hi there,

    we r a British couple with a 6 month baby, looking at a visit to the States in mid July for approx 6 weeks. My brother is a teacher in Las Vegas! so thought would use this as our base, get him to buy us a, i believe they r called recreational vehicle of some sort? (please any suggestions, we have no idea what is suitable for our needs with a baby...) Second hand, budget of up to i guess $3-4000 (what u suggest we need to spend and on what type?), hopefully we could recoup when we sell?

    We want to aim for Vancouver and get a feel for the area in between - not just lovely scenery but particularly interesting, alternative places to possibly live....! (i have a US passport, my wife a Canadian and we r into healthy living and yoga).

    Obviously we can't do lots of long hard driving and need to take it slow with lots of breaks for baby but also want to stop and savour places...we were considering going into artizona and new mexico first, then up west coast, some time in B.C. (week or 2?) then back thru montana, idaho, utah...r we nuts? is this unrealistic? Is it poss to sell vehicle in Canada and better to just fly back?

    Really would appreciate any thoughts, suggestions where else to get info on cool places to check out, feasibility etc....

    many thanx!

    Jeff, Jen and Jai

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    Default RV Info etc

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I really think this may be a case where you'd be much better off renting than trying to buy. Buying has a number of drawbacks that I just don't think will be worthwhile for you.

    First, it is virtually impossible to buy a car/RV in the US and sell it in Canada. It can be done, but you have to pay a whole range of importation taxes and duties that would cost quite a bit.

    Second, I don't think $3-4k is going to buy you a whole lot of RV, at least not much of one I'd want to drive on a trip like this. I also think its going to be extremely unlikely that you'd recoup much of your costs when you consider the charges for taxes and registration fees, insurance, and most importantly the price you'll get if you try to sell it quickly. Its hard enough to get full value for a car when you are trying to sell it under a timeline. trying to sell an RV would be even worse.

    Check out RTA's articles on Renting an RV and Planning an RV vacation, I think they will be very useful for you. I'd also recommend checking out the international visitors section, which should also have more helpful tips for your trip planning.

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    Default I agree with Michael

    There is so much involved in the buying/selling of vehicles that it rarely pans out. And I think you will have a lot of problems finding a reliable RV in your price range.

    However, if your brother is willing to to start looking around now for you and make the purchase for you if/when he finds something appropriate, you might have more luck finding something because more time to look will be on your side. The same with selling it. If you can return to England and leave the RV with him to sell, you will likely get a better price than the quick sale you'd have to do yourself. Just a thought.

    If you decide to rent, be aware that some companies will not allow you to take rental vehicles across the border into Canada. And there are always one-way drop-off fees if you don't return the vehicle to the original place where you rented it.

    With 6 weeks, you should be able to complete the route you described without any problem...even with more stops to take care of baby.

  4. Default food for thought

    thanku for valued thoughts and sorry fo delay replying- been on hols! - having done more research into prices - c what u mean! We paid very little for a 2nd hand camper van when we spent a few months driving down East coast of australia and managed to sell it for a profit and this affected our expectations!

    For the length of our trip (6-8 weeks) r concerned that rental will be very very brother can buy and sell, with no time pressure in looking for i guess a much older model vehicle. Saw 2nd hand Winnebagos and Fleetvans in the $5-10,000 range online...(yes - that old!)

    I realise now how tricky this is with all the different types of rvs but any suggestions on suitable models...??! We have a baby, so enough comfort for him to roll about and play a bit, we need space to prepare meals/sit down for eating...i guess bathing facilities for him and us would be good...? But for that budget, i guess showers a no go?

    It makes thing tricky in that we need somethingg reasonably spacious and comfortable..but we r not just going to be driving and stopping at scenic places...we plan to stay and check out different communities and towns...getting a feel for a place to possibly liv there, driving around to health food stores and yoga maybe asomething more manoeverable...perhaps we need to consider a a car/mdt with a trailer...?

    What should we be looking for? - i guess we could look at spending more to get the right sort of vehicle to make our travels as pleasant as poss...escpecially with baby... any advice/suggestions most welcome..

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    Default Still not making any sense to me

    Quote Originally Posted by yogajeff View Post
    Saw 2nd hand Winnebagos and Fleetvans in the $5-10,000 range online..
    I would only suggest this route, if you are a skilled RV mechanic and like fixing old RVs. If you can spend $6000 for a RV -- I would get a rental! I think it extremely unlikey that you can purchase a used RV, drive it to another state and get anything close to your money back.
    But for that budget, i guess showers a no go?
    For that budget you can have a luxury rental -- here is an overview of what is available and an article that you need to read to begin to think about the magnitude of the repair work could be required on a used RV. You might find a perfect RV -- in excellent shape -- but....


  6. Default Maybe I can recap...

    I think we're talking past each others here..

    yogajeff - I think you're interested in taking a 6-8 road trip up from Las Vegas to Vancouver, BC and then back. You have a brother in LV, and you're wondering if it makes sense about buying and reselling some type of RV or similar vehicle instead of renting something for that period, since your brother can act as a buyer/ seller outside of the 6-8 week time period. You'd like to stop and stay a while in a couple of places, so you're tending to want something larger than smaller. You're also asking folks for suggestions for places to stop.

    The concern on the board, I think comes in 2 parts:

    First, buying and selling a RV has hassles and potential financial risks, particularly if you're constrained to shorter period of time. Typically the rule of thumb is you need to be using the vehicle for 3 months or so before you can overcome the risk of buying/ selling/ repair instead of renting. Having your brother in LV makes this somewhat easier for you -- he can look for vehicles before you get there, and take care of selling it after you leave. But you've still got the issue of price and reliability versus risk.

    From what you've said, I think you'd like a bigger RV since you might be living it in in a town for some days. Some of the larger RVs have quite a few amenities, like microwave ovens, showers, etc. But in the price range you're looking for that may not be true. I'd hesitate to suggest a brand, since there are so many and I don't have personal experience with any in specific. There are a large number of small production vehicles, where they are essentially one-of-a-kind vehicles, so there may not be standardization in parts or manufacturing practices, and you can never tell what type of maintenance was done on a used vehicle.

    A larger RV can be expensive to buy. If you're in the price range of $15K or less, you're talking a 10-20 year old vehicle, with the usual uncertain maintenance or service history. Maintenance on older vehicles and the reliability of older, higher mileage compnents is uncertain. RV maintenance can be expensive -- a lot of the parts were custom made for the vehicles, and higher mileage components can be expensive to fix if they break. The concern on the board is whether or not you're willing to accept this risk and hassle for an older vehicle, plus the financial risk and hassle of buying and selling a new vehicle. At the minimum, I would have your brother recommend a good mechanic in LV, with some RV experience and have him go over the vehicle before you buy it -- and then spend a couple of $K on things like tires, brakes hoses, belts, etc -- just to make sure its up to snuff to trust your family with it.

    The other concern is taking it into Canada. If you own the vehicle, have a US passport, and it registered to a US address it shouldn't be too much of a problem -- particularly if you're taking it back to Vegas. But you'd have much more of a hassle taking a rental, or selling a US sourced vehicle in Canada (required safety inspections, registration transferance, etc...),

    Having said that, it sounds like a cool trip. The folks are concerned about you pulling it off without too much hassle for yourself and your family.

    For some interesting places to visit and look around at.. Given the time, some places you might find interesting would be..

    - Eugene OR. A nice college town, with a very progressive culture.

    - Chico California. Similar, although quite a bit smaller and more rural in the orchards and rice fields of California's Central Valley

    - Eureka, California. Laid back on the coast in admist the Redwoods. Local growing college, and pretty nice feel.

    - Bellingham, WA Another nice coastal college town.

    - Spokane, WA.

    - Bend OR.

    - Vancouver BC, itself. Nice place.

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    Default Nicely done


    Excellent re-cap. Thanks for the clear-headed response


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