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    Default Kennies bar in The Desert

    I had heard for some time about a guy that found some private property in the middle of the Arizona desert, bought it and built a cool bar for off-roaders and the local Prospectors.

    The decision was made to find it.

    Stopped off at a locals bar & grill in Lake Havasu Az., and sitting at the end of the bar was a very old jasper drinking a beer watching the tube. I asked him if he knew of such a desert bar.

    "Oh, you mean Kennies" the old buzzard said.

    He gave me directions: " Az 95 south, left at Cienega Springs rd keep to the right but take all the lefts", he told me.

    I just met my girlfriend, and she barely knew me, but off we went.

    Ya gotta look real hard in the middle of the desert to find Cienega Springs rd. We found it, and it was a dirt cut-off, unimproved until recently. We 4 wheel drive'd the rest of the way for at least 30 minutes.

    The girlfriend thought I was taking her someplace to "do her" she later confessed. We were at the nowhere everything is a million miles from.

    We finally came to a sandstone wall of a hill, with a maybe 10 ft wide 20 degree angle ramp carved into it. We made it up ok,, and there it was, Kennys Bar in the desert.

    We parked among Dune Buggies and other off road vehicles, and crossed a nicely built home made bridge to the entrance to Kennys bar. In front of the entrance door was a water trough and a Coyote was drinking outta it, nervous and ready to run.

    Greeted by Nellie the straight razor totin' cat as we walked into the bar itself:

    Electricity is solar 12 volt, & Kenny has ice delivered, and an 'A" health dept rating.

    Two large sheet metal shafts rise into the sky that are natural draft swamp coolers to keep his place cool on the hot days. Work excellent.

    Several girls were sitting at the bar, their boyfriends all asked them to get married & gave them Diamond rings the same day at the same time, so the girls were up at Kennies celebrating,, and the place was alive with fun and energy.

    Kenny was bartending with his girlfriend, and they had their hands full, but had time to chat too. Kenny is affiable and friendly, but ya look into his eyes and see someone is in there with him.

    We had a few drinks and met some really interesting people and local characters with yarns to spin.

    Kenny built the place outta wood, and his craftsmanship is supurb. Clean, good restrooms with running water too.

    Nice views across the Arizona desert from Kennys.

    A custom Hughes 500 helicopter landed, but before gave us a really cool breathtaking airshow.

    If ya find yourself in the Lake Havasu area with some extra time, perhaps check out Kennys. Open Labor Day thru Memorial Day, Sat and Sundays noon to dusk.

    Wolf the Coyote takes a big drink on a very hot day.
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    Default Very much "off the beaten path"

    Quote Originally Posted by Ross & Alice View Post
    I had heard for some time about a guy that found some private property in the middle of the Arizona desert, bought it and built a cool bar
    This is the first I heard of it -- thanks for sharing. When was the last time you were out there?


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    We go several times a year.
    This past Labor Day was our last visit, and we'll go a few times this Easter spring break.

    We let the kids ride their quads ahead of us up Cienega springs rd., legal in Az.

    A sweet as sugar 14 year old girl grills really good burgers and Kielbasas and hot dogs in the outdoor patio area.

    Full bar + beer wine and soft drinks.

    Always a great adventure, always something unique happens there.

    If you sit at the outside tables (cable spools) near the entrance, coyotes come up occasionally and drink.
    A small sign warns not to pet them.

    Closed during the summer months Memorial day to Labor Day.

    Some of the goldmines are re-opening in the area, and the use permit from the BLM requires them to keep the access rd graded, so any passenger car can easily make it.

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    Default Wow...I would love to visit Kenny!

    Thanks for the info and the photos! What a cool place. I hope to visit Kenny someday.

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