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    we plan to leave next friday for arizona. i don't have time to view all the threads here but would really appreciate if anyone could give me info on which places we should visit. please consider that there are 2 tweens with us. we live in riverside, california and we would like to explore arizona. one of the stops must be the grand canyon. where else to go?

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    Grand Canyon Caverns in route to the Grand Canyon North of Kingman off the 66.

    In route to the Grand Canyon, or returning from :

    Perhaps consider entering Arizona via Hwy 63, then North on Ehrenberg rd (Hwy 95).
    Spend the nite at the Blue Water Hotel casino on the Colorado River in the town of Parker Az.
    All rooms have spectacular views. Really cool water slide/pool inside the hotel, good buffet.

    Several unique open air Floating restaurants a short drive North of the Hotel/Casino.

    Last summer on Ehrenberg rd., our Toyota turned 400.000 trouble free miles:
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums! least read this post which lists a number of thinks to do near the Grand Canyon. For the tweens, I'd also recommend Slide Rock State Park in Oak Creek Canyon (AZ-89A south from Flagstaff) for a natural waterpark.


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    thank you to both of you. i truly appreciate the help. i'll start working on the schedule today. if there will be some more posts later that would be good too. i will check out the links later. thanks again.

  5. Default What parts of Arizona are you interested in?

    I'll defer to folks who have more Arizona experience than I, but for a fast 3-4 day trip, I'd put in

    Day 1 - Riverside to Williams area (or to Grand Canyon Village). A long day's drive, but I know it's doable since I've done it from SoCal.

    Day 2 - Grand Canyon -- Stop at Grand Canyon Village, and the drive along the South Rim from Grand Canyon Village to Desert View. Then head south on 89, making the loop through Wupatki Ruins and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument to Flagstaff. In a long day, you can head east from here on 40 past Meteor Crater to spend the night in Holbrook.

    Day 3 -- Petrified Forest/ Painted Desert National Park. Then head back west on 40 to Flagstaff. From Flagstaff, head south to Sedona, and then through the Red Rock country. You can spend the night here or take the road through Jerome to Prescott. But for a wide trip, you can head south from Sedona to hit the I-17 South. You'll pass very near Montezuma's Castle, which is quite spectacular. Then continue south to Phoenix or Tucson.

    It's possible to come back home at the end of this day, in a long day of driving (if you drive like me, you'll get home about 8 or 9 pm), or you can spend the night in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or even Tucson, before heading back home.

    If you want to push it to another day, you can duck down to Tucson, and visit Sagauro National Park, and the Desert Museum right near it, or Old Town Tucson before heading back. If you start from Tucson the 4th day, you might visit Kitt Peak National Obseservatory, as its not too far off the route -- take 86 south west from Tucson, then veer back north on the 85 cutoff to pick up I-10 again. A slightly longer route would be continue west on I-8 through Yuma, and then head north through El Centrol along the Salton Sea to get back to Palm Springs and Riverside .
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