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    Default Heading out of Indy

    I posted a few months ago about a planned western road swing in Spring, unfortunately due to some family events, that has now been pushed back to Summer (which I guess means every park should be open).

    We have decided to just leave when the time comes and end up wherever. It's likely my girlfriend won't care were we go, so I'm looking for ideas. She has mentioned the southwest, though I'm not sure it would be worth the gas money to spend a few days there. New Orleans is another idea she mentioned. I want to avoid Colorado because we have a planned Colorado trip in Summer/Spring 2008.

    8 days, under $2,000, leaving Indianapolis. Got ideas?
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    Default Southwest or elsewhere?

    Looking back at the previous thread, and since you essentially have the same amount of time to work with, and since you want to avoid Colorado - have you considered other areas closer to home? If you still decide to head Southwest, remember, you will have roughly four days of travel time in there, and only four days to get to explore.

    One state nearby to you that I absolutely love to visit is Kentucky. There are many great drives in the state, as well as several interesting natural areas, including Mammoth Cave National Park and the Red River Gorge area.

    Since you do seem to be concerned about getting to explore the area you visit - and I can understand that fully - why not select an area within a 500-mile radius of your home, and just really dig into it - Western PA, the Virginias - even Washington, DC is within a reasonable distance (though more than 500 miles, definitely doable).

    Sometimes it can be hard to change a destination once you have your heart set on it, but in my experience, it has never been disappointing.

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    Thanks Tim, good ideas. I will look East too. Kentucky is kind of out of the question, since I am from there and have explored it quite a bit with family (actually more than Indiana).

    Talked to my girlfriend tonight, looks like we could extend it to 10 days...but with the same budget. As quoted she says "I really want to see New Orleans, Texas would be cool...out west maybe, anywhere would be nice to see." Well I guess that means it's up to me! Sweet!

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    Default Work From What You Have

    First, what are your limits? How much will 'living' cost? $60/day motel; $75/day food, call it $150/day or $1200 total. Add $50/day for 'entertainment' for $400, leaving $400 for gas. Assuming 20 mpg and $3.00/gal, $400 will buy you 133 gals and get you 2500 miles. So your range is really only 1000 miles when you take into account driving around your destination.
    You are, then, limited in where you can go. In particular, I'm afraid, the Southwest is out. But the good news is that you can acquiesce to your girlfriend's 'suggestions'. (If you think that where to go is up to you, think again!). You can have a great trip to New Orleans using either the Natchez Trace Parkway or the Great River Road as your main route of travel with New Orleans as your goal. From there, most of northeastern Texas including Houston, Dallas, and even Austin with a bit of a stretch are within reach. Give your girlfriend what she has hinted at, and you've got a better chance of having a great trip.


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    Thanks Buck! Yeah, I know when she says 'anything' but then mentions a few places, I better stick to them.

    Tell me about New there still a lot to do down there? I have heard that the French Quarter looks nice still, but not to venture very far from there. Would it be safe for us or would we have to worry?

    How about DC? Would mid- to late- Summer be a good time?

    The Carolinas? Don't know much except Myrtle Beach & Kitty Hawk.

    Florida? Too many kids? prices high during Summer?

    Lots of Questions, as this will only be my second road trip and first accompanied trip (solo to Colorado last year).


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    Some short, quick descriptions.

    New Orleans: parts are back, parts are still totally devastated, and I don't know which are which or where you'd go to find out. Word-of-mouth is that the "9th ward" is still years from recovery, but I don't know exactly where that is. Priority has been given to reviving the French Quarter since much of their economy depends on tourism.

    Washington: You certainly have to get there sometime. I just don't know if summer is that time. There are reasons why this town is referred to as Foggy Bottom and that the Congress leaves in the summer. It can get very warm and humid. The time to see Washington is in the Spring or Fall. The downside to those times is that that's when all the school trips come to town.

    Carolinas: I've been to a few places here. One of my favorites is the Outer Banks of North Carolina, probably the best oceanfront on the East Coast. It's also steeped in history. In South Carolina, I have a very clear preference for Charleston. Great Southern charm, history, beautiful homes, and nearby beaches. Myrtle Beach was a bit over built for my tastes.

    Florida: My visits to Florida have been largely on business, in the Titusville area. On some of these trips I've hosted nieces and nephews in Orlando. I've also been to Daytona Beach for spring break in college. So... I think I have to agree with your characterization. Plus it's a bit far for your purposes.

    No answers, but perhaps those impressions will help you and your girlfriend sort out your options.


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    Thanks a lot for the info. If anyone comes across a great idea, just let me know. If anyone is coming to Indy, I can definately help.

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