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    We live in Minnesota and are looking for a great week-10 day road trip. Four kids ages 2-11. Want to have a good mix of fun kid things but also would like to put some well known attractions into our trip. Like adventure, hiking but also like a good bed at night. Suggestions for a family that is very ready to hit the road? Considering traveling just after the 4th of July

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Have you traveled west at all? I would think a nice loop of the Black Hills, Yosemite, and then back home through North Dakota could easily fit your goals within your timeframe.

    Is this something you were considering, or were you thinking of going in other directions?

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    Default Or North or East or South

    True, true, that a trip to the western Dakotas and Wyoming would fill your requirements, so would a trip to:

    The South: The Ozark Mountains, Memphis, The Great River Road
    The East: Washington and Philadelphia, the Ocean, Niagara Falls, the Appalachians
    The North: Canada, Lake Superior, Isle Royale, the UP, Mackinaw City

    The point is, you can find great destinations in almost any direction. Michael and I have listed some in each direction that can be reached in one day's drive (at least the closest in each direction) leaving you 4-5 days to explore a region in more detail before heading home. Once you and the kids have picked one, we can offer more specific recommendations


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    Hmm.. how about a loop through Jasper and Baniff Canada and the Icefields Parkway through the Rockies, with Yellowstone and Mt Rushmore thrown in the loop?

    They'd get to see some real different scenery -- the great plains of Canada, Calgary, the Rocky mountains, ride on a Glacier in Baniff National Park (Canada), geysers and wildlife in Yellowstone, and some real national landmarks. Cowboys and mountains and the plains and forests and oh my...

    If you push it, I think you could even make it all the way to Vancouver/ Whistler or Seattle, and even show them the Pacific and perhaps take one of the day excursion boats out to see some Orcas.

    Ought to be enough adventures and hiking and natural wonders to keep the kids interested in "Where are we stopping next?"

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