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    3 friends and I have just arrived in L.A. from Australia. We are buying a car in the next couple of days and are going to begin our roady.

    Hopefully we'll be in Texas in about 4 weeks.

    Just wondering what is a good area of Dallas to stay in for a bunch of 24 year olds. Hostels, bars, clubs, a bit of life...

    Any suggestions of areas and hostels?


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    Default Dallas

    I've only been to Dallas once, and I just found the cheapest hotel that was near the convention I was going to, so I don't have any great recommendations there. You might try looking at Hostelbookers if there are any hostels that appeal to you in Dallas.

    There's lots to explore in the city. The downtown area has lots of things going on at night, and there was also the Deep Elm district which has got a lot of things too.

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    Default Dallas area?

    First of all, what do you want to see while you are in Dallas? What kind of activities do you want to do? Are you just staying for the night?

    The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is huge and it helps to know what your plans are. You may find that Fort Worth or Arlington are more suited to your tastes.

    But to start: You can find great places to eat or shop no matter where you go.

    Dallas is more urban. You will find more upscale establishments and lots and lots of clubs!

    Fort Worth is still more western and casual. You will still find lots of classy places to go - and jeans are always in style.

    Arlington is smack in the middle. Its more suburban. But its also a possibility if you want to divide your time between the two larger cities.

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