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  1. Default Winnipeg to Las Vegas and back!!!

    I have been doing some overseas traveling last year to Southeast Asia, but I realized I haven't really even seen my own country yet. I have always been dying to do an American road trip, and was about to last year for a couple weeks, but I went to Asia as it was going to be the last time I would be able to take a 3 months off of work for a while, and it was a great, cheap, alternative. Also, I didn't have a car.

    However, I picked up a car a couple of weeks ago, and am excited to take it on a great road trip with two of my friends... maybe three, depends on how much we are willing to pay for that extra leg room.

    So my plan is to take eleven days somewhere between 2nd week of July and the 2nd week of August. My itinerary as of now is to drive to Las Vegas

    Along the way, I would love to check out the following places:
    1. Wpg to Mt. Rushmore/Crazy Horse. (800mi)
    2. Rushmore to Yellowstone (540mi)
    3. Yellowstone to Las Vegas (770mi)

    I am not a fan taking the same road back, so I was thinking on the way back I could go through Arizona and Colorado.

    This trip is obviously in it's infancy, and none of us have ever organized one on our own. We are all 23, and hope to camp when we are not in Las Vegas, or any other major city.

    We are looking for tips, festival/event suggestions, sights to see, or alternatives to what I have listed.

    One more thing, we chose this route because it does allow us to do a loop and come back another way, that is pretty much it. We are interested in seeing any part of the US, some other options we thought of were New Orleans or Shlitterbahn Waterpark in Galveston.

    Any help would be great, along with suggestions to shorten the distance covered. In Asia, this distance was no problem in a week because train travel was so flexible, we are all avid highway drivers having driven solo from Winnipeg to Banff for skiing.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Alot of asphalt will be moving under you in 11 days,, sounds like a fun trip.

    We suggest considering lower Utah on the return route, more scenic.

    Here are a couple of sites for Las Vegas: Cheap Vegas and "Living Las Vegas" produced by the editors of RTA
    which may fit your interests and budget there.

    The las Vegas Review Journal online newspaper has sections devoted to entertainment and events w/dates that may also strike your interest.
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    Default Yes to Utah!

    I agree with Ross & Alice.

    I think an itinerary like this would take you through a lot of the best that this area offers: Winnepeg-Rushmore/Crazy Horse-Yellowstone-Bryce Canyon-Zion-Las Vegas-Grand Canyon-4 Corners-Mesa Verde-Durango-Ouray and the Million Dollar Highway-Grand Junction-Grand Junction-Denver-then east to Omaha and north to Winnepeg

    Just a thought.

  4. Default I will look into it

    Thanks for the tip about Utah...
    I am going to google map it after I get home from work and see what the route looks like. Run it by some friends... sounds like a good idea though.


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