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    Some mates and I are planning a cross nth america roady for next year... around June. We are planning on starting on the west coast and taking about 4-5 months to get to the east coast, doing whatever we can fit in in-between.

    We will want a second hand car that can comfortably fit 5 people and luggage. Any suggestions? What is a good second hand car website?

    Also, where and what is a must see in north america?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot,

    Aussie road trippers.

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    You can try
    Honda Accords are a good buy, use, then re-sell car.

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    Thanks Ross..... or Alice.... or which ever one of you replied.

  4. Default A couple of other options...

    There are several internet sites which handle used cars in the US. is one,,,, and are all sites I've looked at in the past. I've not bought a used car through these sites, so I can't vouch for any of these services. There are a ton of sites which can help you search out used cars and give you a good starting point to find a good used car -- run an internet search and see what one seems right for you. In most cases these sites will let you put in a starting location (usually a US postal code) and then will give you a listing of cars and prices within X miles of that location.

    Another good source would be to look in the sunday classified ads for the local newspaper for where you are looking for cars. Many cars are not offered through the internet, but are sold from a private party via a newspaper ad. Just about every significant newspaper now has a web site, and they list the classified ads on the web site as a service to their advertisers. Some major car dealers also have internet sites.

    You can also check rating for different makes and models of used cars through the "Consumer Reports" magazine, and other sources. Consumer Reports puts out an annual ratings issue where they tabulate the reliability for the last 5 years or so of several hundred makes and models of used cars, and will make general suggestions for used cars by type and price range. They have a web site, but it's a pay subscription site. You can usually find copies of the Consumer Reports magazine or their annual ratings book in local public libraries. Other services like Kelly Blue Book can provide a range of expected prices for a car by year, make, model, mileage and general condition. For a specific car you are interested in, there are some services that will search the registration and other data bases for a fee to see if they can identify the car has been in an accident or some other disaster and let you check the history of the car to some extent.

    But of course.. you really need to have a reputable mechanic check over the car to make sure there's nothing hidden in its innnards you don't want to find, and you probably will want to do some servicing to it before you roll off. Things like new belts and hoses and tires and brakes and the like, if they are needed. Replacing a questionable one before you head out may mean avoiding have to find one when the nearest auto supply store is 100 miles away.

    And lastly -- to fit 5 people plus luggage you might want to consider a larger vehicle. At a minimum, I'd be looking for something that would seat 6 or more (just to have a little bit more room), and might consider a larger SUV or mini-van or van. You might also want to take the road trip compatability quiz here on RoadTripAmerica and get a feel for the compatability of putting 5 people in one enclosed space for that period of time. Give some thought to the volume of equipment you'll want to carry and where to stow it all (which may include things like a roof top rack, or cargo box or cargo bag), and plan in some "mental health stops" where everyone gets out of the vehicle and has a day to themselves so they don't see the same faces every waking hour. Sometimes it's useful to plan these around rest/ laundry days where you stay somewhere for a day or two and do laundry, lay out by the pool, find a club/bar, or just go hiking in the woods without having to be cooped up with the rest of the guys for a day.
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