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    This is my first roadtrip in my 1 year old RV. I have used the Yahoo Travel Planner website to plan the trip. Please click on the below link and please let me know if this is a realistic trip schedule. My starting location is Davie, FL. I still have to finish the second part of the trip. I would like to stay in California for 3-4 days and then drive up to San Francisco, stay there 3 days and then work my way west back to Florida. What I need help is figuring out what route to take so that we will see the Grand Canyon and other places along the way. Oh, I forgot to mention. I will be traveling with my husband and 3 sons (11, 8 and 6). Do you have any suggestions!! Hope to hear from you soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dramc27 View Post
    This is my first roadtrip in my 1 year old RV.
    Sounds like a great adventure -- Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Your schedule sounds pretty reasonable thus far. Are you an experienced RV'er? What kinds of places/stops interest you and your family?


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    have a good time! my only suggestion is to think twice about going west to florida... there's a couple too many oceans in the way =s

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    After San Francisco, go to Barstow, CA, and meet up with I-40. You can turn toward the Grand Canyon near Flagstaff. If you want, you can return to I-40 until Amarillo and then veer SE through Dallas and Shreveport to meet up again at I-10 at around Lafayette for the way home.

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