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  1. Default Renting a car at 24....?

    I'm driving down to to Charlotte, NC to visit my parents in Mooresville with my 2-3 girlfriends in May for about a week. We're planning on renting an SUV (we'll be bringing dogs).

    We're planning on leaving on Sunday the 6th... and coming back the following Saturday...

    What routes should we avoid / take? Any attractions that we might wanna see?

    I am very well versed in long drives (I used to do the commute from Long Island to Central VA for college all the time)....and I'm familiar with I-81 (and all the state troopers!)... but I assume it might be easier to take 95 down the coast? Any suggestions would be helpful. We'd like the most direct route.

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  2. Default car rentals in NYC - under 25!?!

    does anyone know which rental company would be the cheapest way to go?

    I've looked at the websites: Hertz, Enterprise, Budget, Avis, Alamo, etc.

    All of them have obscene underage fees (i'm 24) in Manhattan. (I even saw on one website that New York State charges $110?)

    I'm hoping to go on a roadtrip from NYC to Charlotte, NC in May with my 3 girlfriends and it looks like it would almost be cheaper for the 4 of us to fly. (We would, except we have dogs coming with us...)

    Would it be cheaper for us to get a ride to Philadelphia and then rent a car from there?

    If anyone has any firsthand experience with this, I'd appreciate it!

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    Default Shop Around

    The only real way to know the answer is to shop around. Car Rental agencies change their rates and prices often, at times even from day to day or hour to hour.

    If you are finding very high prices in NY, you might consider looking at New Jersey or Connecticut. Places in those states might offer better deals without having you go all the way down to Philly - which might be just as bad as NY.

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    Default What to See Depends on Your Timeframe

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you're going to make the trip in one day each way, then you have no time for any attractions along the way, and barely have time to give the dogs the time to get the exercise they'll need. If you take a day and a half, then you can at least stop at a few parks close to the highway and take some more relaxing hikes.

    I-78/I-81/I-77 is your route of choice, and as you are no doubt aware, is quite scenic. If you take the time for stops, a few that I'd recommend are Fort Frederick State Park and the nearby Western Maryland Rail Trail along the Potomac; Shenandoah National Park; Monticello, outside Charlottesville, VA; and the town of Lexington, VA.


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