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    Default Florida to New Orleans

    Just posted this in another thread, but thought it deserved its own. This was a trip from Miami to New Orleans, not one of mine, but of three guys names Jeremy, Richard and James. It's a video report and you have GOT to find yourself a spare hour to sit down and watch it, preferably with a beer!

    Part one
    Part two
    Part three
    Part four
    Part five
    Part six
    Part seven


    PS This is my 100th post on this site so I am proud that it has been to post something so damn funny!

    PPS Yes, this was seriously broadcast by the BBC...
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    Love this show!!!! Discovery Channel was showing for a while then stopped. :(

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    It is fantastic, isn't it! Everyone here watches it, even people who hate cars (and you'd not believe how many of them sorts there are here), and the whole country went into a state of shock, not seen since the ridiculous over-reaction to Princess Di getting killed, when Richard Hammond was so nearly killed doing a stunt for the show.

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    Default Funny yet...

    It was very very funny. I laughed out loud several times and my co-worker came over to see what I was doing. But I could have done without a few of the comments about Americans even though they did seem to pull the wackos out of the woodwork.

    However, I really really want to know where the heck he got a cow from and how they finally "peeled" the squirrel and cow.


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    You should hear the way they talk about the Brits! :) There have been questions asked in parliament about the show apparently!

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