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    Can any of your forums help? I am Irish and travelling to the US in late April, I need to get from JFK Airport to Philadelphia late on a Friday night, it seems there are few train connections and fewer Airlines so I am contemplating driving - rental car on the journey.

    I have googled up all the maps and directions - but I am very nervous about the roads - traffic conditions, driving across the Verrazano Bridge - kind of like a dream as it is something I have only ever seen on TV or movies but is this a doable for a nervous european driver! - What routes would any of your forum recommend.

    I have driven in the US before and regularly drive in Europe where it is also left hand drive.

    Can you recommend routes - less busy perhaps or even just give me a few words of encouragement!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    The Google map directions seem reasonable (JFK to Philadelphia), especially to someone not familiar with the area. This is one of the most populated areas on the planet, so finding a road that is "less traveled" can be very difficult.

    Sometimes those late night travels can be surprising, in that the roads are clearer than one would expect. Consider it fortunate that you are not trying to leave the city during rush hour.

    I think you'll be fine.

  3. Default thanks for the reassurance!

    Commence the journey after say 7.30pm would be good then!


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    Default Good ole mass transit

    You mentioned trying trains- what about buses? There's a bunch of buses that go to Philly, both standard buses and 'chinatown' buses. It usually takes two hours or so. Here's a link to the standard ones from Port Authority.

    good luck with the traffic!
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