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    Default April Ride Chicago to San Francisco on a springer

    I plan to leave for San Francisco on april 2. My bike is having the 10K service done and new tires put on for the trip. I have even broken down and bought rain gear. My time limit is roughly a month for the round trip. A southern route seems to make the most sense. I am looking at taking US 45 down to US 70 and follow that path to Arizona. I plan to head to San Diego via Yuma then up the coast. Any tips or suggestions?

  2. Default Utah!

    If you go south through Arizona, you'll miss south Utah. Don't get me wrong, Arizona is great motor country -- but the red rock highways of southern Utah are the absolute best. Try running I-70 across Colorado and then down SR24 and SR12 past Capital Reef NP, Bryce and Zion NPs. You won't regret it -- and while you can run into a bit of cold here and there, and "brisk" weather in the cool of the mornings and evenings, this is a beautiful time of year in the west for riding.

    Keep the shiny side up!

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    My first choice would be across Colorado and Utah although I am trying to avoid interstate highways. I had thought of doing US 50. Would the colorado mountains be a bit rough this time of year?

  4. Default Bit cold

    The highest elevations (as well as a few lower ones) can be a bit nippy in springtime. And anytime between now and winter a sudden storm can whiten things up some. However, for Gunnison, the average snow depth in the next three months is 0. The low temp avg in April is 29.5F, daytime highs 55-60. (Note -- mid-summer the low is still 40-42F -- not that much different.

    Wouldn't keep me from going as long as the weather is expected to be good. Some would definitely say April is pushing it -- May might be less risky in this regard.

    US50 is a beautiful road in Colorado particularly. Bob
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    U.S 50 may be possible for the return trip.

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    My departure date is postponed, awaiting my new windshield from Harley-Davidson. Hopefully I can leave Chicago sometime this week. In the meantime I am browsing travel guides. I now have a new question. How long would a side trip from phoenix to Monument Valley take? What would be the best route, avoiding interstates?

  7. Default Best route

    For this trip, I wouldn't "avoid the interstate." One of the most spectacular drives in Arizona is Phoenix to Flagstaff on I-17. One way driving from Phoenix to Monument Valley is minimum 6 hours -- and it will probably take a normal rider a little longer. If you take SR87 through Payson and Winslow instead, then to Second Mesa, Tuba City and Kayenta it adds roughly 80 miles and a bit over an hour (also a beautiful route) -- but the ride up I-17 is just as pretty. And while not a controlled access roadway, SR87 is divided highway for the first 90 miles also.

    If I were planning this side trip -- I'd allow a minimum of 1 1/2 days. Two would be better.

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    Thanks for the tip. Maybe for that part of the trip the interstate would be better. Two days sounds fine. I want to head south again after that and visit Yuma since I was stationed there when I was in the service back in the early 70's.

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    I just wanted to leave a quick note saying that as of an hour ago this trip has been completed. After I get some rest I would like to post a report on this trip.

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    Default Springer has returned!

    Quote Originally Posted by edgarhf View Post
    After I get some rest I would like to post a report on this trip.
    We are looking forward to reading your report! Please post in the Field Reports section and we will add the link from this thread to your new one.


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