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    Hi I have been lurking around this site for the past year or so and have finally decided to make a post. I am finally graduating college in May and have the time and ability to travel around the country until I start in the real world in August. 2 other friends of mine will join me.

    Our Details:
    -All 3 of us are 22
    -2 of us will start in Connecticut and pickup the 3rd in Bloomington, IN
    - Our only mode of travel is in a car to Bloomington, we can't use that car past that point
    - We will travel for 3-4 weeks starting in mid-June
    - We want our budget to be no more than $6000 total

    First and the most pressing question is our mode of transportation. We will probably rent a car. If we do this we might do it in NYC as they don't charge more if you are under 25 yrs of age. If we do this should we get a mid-size? SUV (less gas mileage I know and more expensive to rent)? We will be camping mostly and will have a considerable amount of gear with us and we also want to have a portable BBQ.
    Is it unrealistic or stupid to try and rent an RV for this period?

    We will really be starting the trip once we get to Bloomington. SO far we have decided on two places we will definitly goto. Austin, Tx to visit family and New Orleans (cause it's the most amazing city in the country besides NYC). Besides those two city desitinations, we mostly want to do a more natural roadtrip. We really want to white-water raft, fish, and camp as much as possible. We were thinking Colorado was a good area, and possibly Wyoming and maybe Yosemite in California. I am unsure if it is unrealistic to go that far or even further in the 3-4 weeks we have.

    If anyone had suggestions for our problems with transportation or suggestions for places we should look into traveling to, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, I think I may end up sounding more like a therapist than I'd like here, but really the answer to all of your questions is up to the three of you. To start with, I'm going to suggest that the three of you take the RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz. This is more a series of discussion points to make sure that you are all on the same page on what you expect out of this trip, and how you picture it going down.

    Your time and dollar budgets are fairly reasonable and will support a great RoadTrip, but NOT everything that you have set out. The car rental and gas are going to chew up a good bit of your budget, especially if you get an SUV. So price that out before you proceed any further. Be sure to know all the costs associated with the rental, particularly and insurance, extra driver, underage driver, or drop-off surcharges you'll accrue. Know what mileage the vehicle will get in the real world (not the inflated EPA estimates) and then use our Fuel Cost Calculator to figure out your total gas bill. I'd assume at least $3/gal for gas.

    I'd seriously look into staying east of the great plains. You can do all of the activities you have in mind and see some great natural places in the Ozarks and Appalachians, without the added stress, driving time and cost of getting to the Rockies. So ideally, you all will continue to gather information and figuring out exactly what you all want out of this trip, to cover a lot of ground or to more thoroughly enjoy the ground you do cover.

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