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    Default Not a discovery, as such...

    But I've currently got the radio on and the news announcer (obviously a slow news day) just finished off the news bulletin with something along the lines of:

    Quote Originally Posted by Virgin Radio News
    And, finally, Wacko Jacko is at it again. He's reported to be planning a 50ft giant robotic replica of himself in Las Vegas. It is planned to be visible from landing planes at the nearby airport and will fire laser beams off into the desert.

    Cue much laughter from both the DJ and the news announcer
    Dear god, tell me this is a wind-up?!
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    Default Lots of hare-brained schemes are hatched here, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Antill View Post
    tell me this is a wind-up?!
    It is probably just nonsense -- there is something about Las Vegas that seems to attract nutty behavior. I seriously doubt any such nonsense would ever get built here.


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    MTV did something similar once on Malibu Beach with Beavis and Butthead.

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    Any new arrivals in town, Mark??

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