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  1. Default Tallahassee, FLorida to Bremerton, WA

    Hello all,
    I was looking for advice on a route from Tall. to Bremerton. From what I have seen, it is best to drive up to st. louis, over to salt lake and so on.

    Has anyone done this? Does anyone know if that route is ok this time of year?

    How long should it take if you are driving 12-16 hour days?

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    Your basic routing is fine, and I make it just a shade under 3000 miles. I find that about all that I can handle on a day after day basis is 600 miles a day. The rule of thumb that most of the experienced travellers who post here use is, that with stops for fuel, food and other nature calls, one should only expect to average about 55 mph over an entire day. Using that figure, your trip should take about 55 hours. Trying to spend more than 12 hours a day on the road quickly becomes counter-productive. Without proper sleep, by the third day, you simply won't be able to continue driving in anything like a safe or sane manner. So - allow at least 5 days for this endeavor. At this time of year, you 'should' be all right on weather, but it is still a possibility that you will encounter a snow storm that will require you to add yet another day to your drive time.


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