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    Hi Guys

    I'm flying into Vancouver and flying out of San Diego so looking into driving from Vancouver to San Diego one way in August. We'll probably spend about a 3-4wks travelling down.

    I read a few of the threads advising on things to see and it sounds absolutely amazing. However I have a few questions:

    Does anyone know of any car rental agencies that will allow me to rent a car in Vancouver and Drop it off in San Diego?

    Or if i bought a Canadian registered car in Vancouver would it be difficult to sell it in the USA?


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    Default Buying Nearly Impossible

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Buying a car in Canada and selling it in the US will be virtually impossible. While on a technical level it could be done, you'd be forced to pay a whole list of importation duties and fees which makes the idea impossible on a practicle sense.

    You might have more luck renting, although I suspect you'll have some difficulty there as well. Your best bet would be to call around to the Vancouver offices of a variety of rental agencies and see if anyone will allow you to drop in the US. If not, you might simply have to find another means to Washington State and then pick up a car once you cross the border.

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    The biggest complaint we've heard on Canadian car rental agencies is over selling insurance to customers, AND on top of that, mis-representing what the actual insurance will cost in total.

    And, other rip-off fees. We're not talking just a few bux, but really sticking it to the customer deluxe.
    Even if it's a name brand company - so eyes wide open if ya rent up there.
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