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    Trying to plan this years summer vacation. Last year travelled to Europe with my wife and spent a fortune but had a great time. This year would like to still see a lot of places but travel a little cheaper, so a road trip would be perfect. I will have 17 days to travel Planning for late June early July.
    I am in the early stages of planning but this is what I have so far. Any suggestions or tips will be much appreciated.

    Day 1. Leave Edmonton, Alberta, Over night in GreatFalls, Montana
    Day 2 Arrive Yellowstone Park. I have not decided where to stay yet, I was thinking about camping, but didn't really wan't to pack camping supplies unless, I would use it in South Dakota also.
    Day 3 Yellowstone
    Day 4 Yellowstone for the day and Overnight in Cody, Wyoming
    Day 5 Cody, Wy to Mount Rushmore
    Day 6 Mount Rushmore and other sites, Bad lands, Rapid City, Deadwood etc
    Day 7 Leave Mount Rushmore and begin travel to Grand Canyon, AZ. I will need a stop over in between, but have not decided (Help Please)
    Day 8 Arrive Grande Canyon, Stay Over Night
    Day 9 Arrive Las Vegas for 4 nights
    Day 10 Las Vegas
    Day 11 Las Vegas
    Day 12 Las Vegas
    Day 13 Las Vegas to Salt Lake City (2 nights)
    Day 14 Salt Lake City
    Day 15 Salt Lake City to somewhere in Montana for the Night
    Day 16 Montana back home to Edmonton, Alberta
    I have 1 day left over, should I extend a night in Yellowstone or Rushmore area in South Dakota.
    Does this plan sound do-able, I know it's a lot of Driving but thats half the fun.
    Any sights on the way that are must see, and any to advoid.

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    Default What I would add

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've got a go-go roadtrip there, but nothing seems too unreasonable. Since you have an extra day, I would take 3 days to get from SD to Grand Canyon and explore some of Colorado and Utah along the way.

    Otherwise, I think you are on the right track!

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    I am thinking of making a few changes to the trip and extending it for a few days. From south Dakota I would travel south, with a stop over in Ogalfalla, Nebraska, and Dodge City, Kansas, Amarillo for 2 nights then to flagstaff and Grand Canyon for the day. (Is one day enough) then to Vegas. Any one been to Ogallalla or Dodge city, is it worth the drive. I never had any intention of going all the way to amarillo but I have to check out the Big texan and try my luck at the 72 ounce steak. I wish I had more time, there's so much to see.

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    Default Route

    While at Mount Rushmore & area - be sure to also see:
    Mammoth Site, SD
    Custer State Park, SD
    Crazy Horse Memorial, SD
    The above four are all together at same location & can easily be done in a full day.

    Between South Dakota and Las Vegas, I would recommend southern Utah direction. Perhaps drive south to DENVER, rather than toward Salt Lake City. Then go west through MOAB (a nice place to stay overnight). See ARCHES National Park, and perhaps CANYONLAND or CAPITOL REEF national parks. Also be sure to see BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK AND ZION NATIONAL PARK.

    These will continue you westward. After Zion, it is about three-four hours drive to Las Vegas.

    Any reason why four days in Vegas? I would use an extra day of that time to see the above national parks in southern Utah.

    Overall, it sounds like you have a good trip idea in mind and a good start at destinations/planning.

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    Can heatily endorse the suggestion of Moab - fantastic place - I really really enjoyed my stay there. Did a couple of really rewarding hikes in Arches NP and enjoyed a really nice drive through Canyonlands (a lot of the 'sights' are easily accessible by car. A friend had been before, on a Trek America trip, and rented an ATV from a company in Moab, said it was a fantastic way to explore the area.

    Zion too is well worth a visit if you can work it in and haven't been before. If you have been before you'll know already that a return visit is worthwhile!

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    After traveling through southern Utah would you recommend seeing the Grand canyon at the North Rim or the South? Is there lots of places through Utah to camp?

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    Default Do you like crowds?

    Quote Originally Posted by mwinther View Post
    After traveling through southern Utah would you recommend seeing the Grand canyon at the North Rim or the South?
    The south rim in summertime is crowded with visitors -- it has more of the "traditional" views of the Grand Canyon. The north rim is also packed with visitors, but much less so. If you have time, I would do both.
    Is there lots of places through Utah to camp?
    Scores of places, both primitive and developed campgrounds.


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    And don't forget that the new Skywalk is now open at Grand Canyon West - I don't think anyone from this site has managed to get out there yet but I, for one, am desperately excited to get out there!

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